If you had a working pancreas again for ONE day

…then what would you do?
Have you ever thought about it?
I think i would go hiking up a high mountain without worrying about going low or high.
then i would go to a party where there are tons of foods on the table, like gummy bears, chips, marshmallows, and that is so difficult to bolus for bc you only eat small amounts, but over time its like a lot… and then in the evening i'd go to a big party and just enjoy it without fearing of going low, and when i come home at 4am then i have a big pizza i guess…
i know a bit a lot to squeeze into one day, but hey…
What would you do?

i would just eat loads of chocolate cereal and pizza and ice-cream. and toast and pancakes and french toast with loads of maple syrup. whatever was in front of me.

As much as I would enjoy indulging in the many foods that I had to give up over the years, I think the actual pleasure would not be as great as the fantasy pleasure. Even people without diabetes feel pangs of guilt when thinking about overindulgence. They know it's not healthy and they often feel slow, a little fatter, and cognitively clouded when they over-consume these decadent foods.

Sorry to harsh the buzz! Just the same, I know I would love a large bowl of breakfast cereal with fresh fruit. And a large chocolate milkshake without the large BG numbers soon-to-follow!

I would travel internationally and get lost in a jungle somewhere. I would have no fear of needing medical supplies, or constantly checking my sugars. I would just go and see where the road takes me, free from the constant worry of blood sugars and insulin and carb counting and all the other crap we diabetics carry around with us. I would exercise without worry, have the occasional beer or mixed drink, eat all the amazing international cuisine I stumbled across without having to look up its carb count before I eat. I would EAT A HOT MEAL because I didnt have to sit there and carb count, take insulin and check my sugar before I ate my meal. I would sleep at night knowing I wouldn’t feel sick on the morning from highs or lows. I would go on a camping trip and not worry about my insulin going bad from the heat/cold. I would literally climb mountains.

it would only be one day-i wouldnt feel fat or guilty or anything negative while piling it all in for 24 hours before getting back on my healthy low carb diet!

hey hey hey! this is one day! :)

You’re right, of course! :wink:

Who would have thought a bowl of cereal with fresh fruit would sound both so enticing and so impossible! (for me it's granola, fruit and yogurt). It's hard to accept when healthy foods are....not healthy for us.

A huge bowl of banana pudding. I mean one of those Jefthro Bodeine types from the Beverly Hillbillies show. And I wouldn't share even the lick of the bowl or spoon after eating all of that either. :)

I would go on a canoe trip and throw back a couple of beers without the fear of going low from heat, exercise and alcohol. And of course, I would enjoy not having to worry about my PDM getting wet! I think I would love not having to carry around supplies and worry so much about lows more than the food I could eat.

For one day, I would just not take insulin or metformin.

What is the point in torturing yourself by doing something, or eating something or in a manner for "one last time"?


i know! i look at the four mandarins i bought and think of how BAD they would be for me if i tried to eat them all at once! even bolusing!

I would be so fricking greatful I would prolly kiss the ground and just cry for a long time due to everything I have been through from this horrible disease. I would be so amazingly relieved not to have to deal with unpredictable swinging bg and all the effects and dangerous lows, No more insulin that would be the greatest gift.

As for food I would go back to enjoying my healthy, normal diet before all of this, and I would not be worrying about eating anything or whatever when I feel like it. Food would once again be a pleasure and not something I have to do when I don't feel like it or have to forgo according to bg worries. Eating would not longer be filled with the fear of highs/lows.

The same for exercise: daily activities, walking 1-3 miles would not produce lows, gardening or doing whatever for hours on end would be just fine, traveling, normal days and life would not be filled with fears about having insulin, all the supplies and the numerous other health concerns.

A very good and provocative question, which in my case also makes me somewhat sad. I've been at this for almost the last three years and it has become my new normal. Thinking about this and reading the responses reminds me that there was a time where none of us had to carry the 24/7 burden of managing this disease. The one benefit I've derived from all of this is the wealth of knowledge I've accumulated around human physiology and nutrition, so I wouldn't think I would binge on all the foods that are "risky" for us, although the gummy bears do sound compelling :-) More importantly for me, at least, is the mental relief from all the day-to-day management: checking BG, carrying supplies, worrying about going too low during physical activity, the frustrating unpredictability, etc. How amazing would it be to do what I want, when I want and eat what I want whenever I want? I miss that spontaneity terribly.