Vacation from Diabetes

If you could have a whole week free, where Diabetes did not exist in your body, What would you do?

First thing I would do is go to a bar and have a tall Guiness Beer. Next, I would eat a cinnamon roll. I would have a nice slice of blackberry pie complete with ice cream and best of all, not have ANY GUILT! I would throw away my blood test kit and diabetes drugs and at the end of the week get new ones.

How about you all?

To be honest, I do what you wrote, even when I have D! I know am a bad model for a diabetic veteran

My self, oh my! Well I been thinking for about like 5 minutes and couldn’t figure anything!!!.. May be since I have it for more than 26 years it seams like I don’t care!!!.. Or may be that I do anything I want and don’t find diabetes as a disability that stops me from eating or doing anything!!

Sorry I didn’t help!! Am sure others will post more meaningful answer!

I would eat Lay’s potato chips until I couldn’t hold another one. I’d have a strawberry milkshake. A huge baked potato. Maybe some KFC extra crispy fried chicken. Gotta go…my mouth is watering.

I would eat a huge box of dunkin donuts munchkins and then drink an extra large vanilla malt. Then I would throw my glucometer off a very tall building and watch it break into pieces. Then I would drink until I couldn’t stand up, hahaha!

Dunkin donuts and I don’t mean the plain ones. Other than that the rest is moderation I don’t deprive myself anything even the Guiness I had with my son last Tuesday. Granted I only had one and then kept to the light beers but it would be nice not to have to think everytme you take a bite or sip of something.

I would eat fresh baked bread and then krispy kreme donuts, the strawberry filled glazed kind and of course kettle potato chips. Boy, do I hate this disease