O.K. you get 1 day without the D. What are you gonna do that day?

I would get my pilots license, fly to France, Germany, and Greece… and eat all the foods and desserts I can find. :slight_smile:


oh come on…what would you do?

I would walk 18 holes of golf without a care in the world and no eating.

Then I would run naked on the beach, pump free :slight_smile:

I would probably party like a rock star and since I do like sweets sample everything I could get my hands on. I would also be on Survivor and WIN… :slight_smile:

Since I’m type 2, a day without diabetes would pretty much be the same as a day with. My eyes have been opened to the stupidity of bad eating and no exercise for anyone, not just people with diabetes, so I wouldn’t be that likely to change what I’m eating or doing. It wouldn’t stop any health concerns because I’d know that the diabetes was coming back the next day anyway. I honestly can’t think of some special thing I would want to do that I can’t do now.

(This is one of the many reasons that I would like to see a different name for type 1 and type 2 - they really aren’t the same condition. I don’t have the same concerns and limitations as a type 1 and I’m sure type 1 folks get really tired of people making comments to them that assume they’re type 2.)

i’d pick that day to get married so i wouldn’t have my shadow tagging along or worry about a high or low blood sugar making me feel bad on that special day.

I would eat anything and everything in sight! I love sweets, so there would be homemade peach pie, a decadent chocolate cake, some great NY style cheesecake, every kind of fruit juice, the list goes on and on!!!

I would eat pilsbury cake…Yellow Cake with Chocolate Icing…yummy and I have to have O.J. I haven’t had O.J. in over 4 years…crying

I’d be shocked with all the time I have on my hands not worrying about checking my blood sugar or taking insulin. I keep wishing for a vacation date, but I don’t know what I’d actually do!

I wouldn’t sleep at all so I could enjoy every single moment!!! and I would spend as much time as I could in the water (ocean, river, lake - any body of water!) without worrying about testing or getting out to hook up to my pump for another makeup-basal-bolus…and I think at the end of the day I would have a baby since I’ve heard that labor and delivery as a diabetic isn’t the easiest thing in the world! =)

I agree with Malyssa that it would be a horrible tease. If there was actually a cure, I don’t think I would adjust well at all since this is all I know. I don’t think I could just turn off the way I do things or approach them in one day. However from a practical point of view, I like Bek’s idea of being diabetes-free on your wedding day. I had terrible problems with lows at my wedding reception, and while I didn’t let it ruin anything, I would’ve given anything to not have had that happen. For anyone who’s getting married, let your BG run a little high in lieu of risking lows by trying to have in-range BG’s on a day when your activity and schedule will be as wonky as it gets…

I would unhook my pump and eat a big bowl of Honey Bunch’s of Oats for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

I would test 100 times and bring my meter average down to 100 :wink:

It would be too weird not to test and think about my blood sugar. I would just be happy that it was good!

Hello! Sounds like a MAGICAL DAY!!! But I would have to say in REALITY !!! I would probally still test because a wanna Know my numbers because its still not a CURE!!! aND I am so used to carb counting i would probally automatically do that. Maybe just watch PUMPY DO WHAT SHE WANTS FOR THE DAY AFTER ALL SHES STUCK WITH ME 24/7.265 DAY A YEAR. Well this will be our MAGIC RAINBOW AND A WHOLE NEW WORLD. When this our reality . Take care tu community. diabeticidol94

Sit down and have Sunday dinner like we used to at my house, large Dinner/lunch with homemade sauce with a lot of rigatoni’s, meatballs, hot Italian sausage, large slices of fresh baked Italian bread and a salad with some merlot. I am in heaven just thinking about it :slight_smile:

I would wake up, smile, and board a plane to new zealand, then to ireland. (Without, of course, the hassles of being frisked and embarrassed at the air port) Then I would go exploring, without the huge pack i would usually need. I would also eat whatever I wanted. Pumpkin pie!!! Yes, pumpkin pie, and… pasta… and pastries. No way would I want to go to sleep.
Sooooo… can we get this day soon please?? :slight_smile: