If only we could fly!

I am ever aware that food is pretty high on the list of concern for all diabetics, and is a major source of frustration. This has never been a trouble for me, I learned all about nutrition and meal planning and how my choices will apply to me even before diabetes came into my life. Eating should be a pleasure, not a frustration in my opinion. Whatever we choose to eat is fine as long as we are meeting the needs of our own body. The one thing that is not regarded with much agreement or consideration is the simple fact that if you eat more calories than you burn, you gain weight.

I found a little article today that fascinated me. Being a nature lover and living every possible hour outside I have the pleasure of seeing a lot of nature. Hummingbirds are a favorite! I love to watch them fly from blossom to blossom, that is their fruit I suppose. And here is how they get to do that:

The Hummingbird 60 Meal-a-Day Diet - Even the champion of a food eating contest would be no match for the average hummingbird. Eating 60 meals a day, the hummingbird never gains a pound and always has room for dessert.

Now if only I could fly :slight_smile:


Humming birds are so fun. They can seem mean amongst themselves too when they’re crowding a feeder. I think I’m on a migration route. They eat a while, rest or fly, then eat again every 12 minutes. Sounds about right. At the Wild Animal Park one enters a cage of humming birds and some other birds with a cup of nectar. I just spent the year till now in the central valley of California near Hillmar cheese driving past farms in a long commute. A first fascinating year of watching fields and buying from stands.

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This spring I made swings for my hummingbird visitors. I hung them all over, and delivered them to my friends and even hid some in my n’hood.

The prototype is hung in the window next to the Fuchsia I put out every Mother’s Day. One morning I was having coffee and here came not one but two hummingbirds!! They fluttered about, dive bombed one another and then each one stopped on the swing for a few seconds, took some nectar from the Fuchsia blooms and off they went. They are fun for sure.

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