JB says HELLO!

Having CHF tires me out in no time at all! By JB.

You know when I went through all the years with my type-1 diabetes, a very important part of my proper management was based on discipline with my diabetes. Eating according what I was allowed to eat and the proper amounts of course.
Oh no, I have not always been the 'Holy Joseph". I’m almost as human as you are! I do sin or fall of the wagon for what eating is concerned. But only for the one time at the time and I then hurry back to be a good fellow again. Without doing that I know my diabetes is going to be serious trouble. So folks especially the new diabetics, don’t take good health for granted. At the start your body is still in good shape (I hope!) You won’t notice much of the wrong things you may commit, but it all goes into your account for the future,
believe me! Example given with me, I used to smoke a pipe 40 years ago! When I was in the hospital recently the doctor ask me “Did you ever smoke?” I answered that I did 40 years ago. Well the doc said that established your account and with getting older your emphysema has been growing from the seeds you planted 40 years ago! I couldn’t believe it! I haven’t smoked the last 41 years!
I feel that with diabetes a similar situation exists.

OK, and now you want to know, how come I suddenly re-appeared. My Congested Heart Failure is still getting me down. I get very short of breath and that is hard to take.
In the long run (and I hope it is very long) it will kill me and gradually because of my heart not pushng enough oxygen all through my body, my muscles are losing their strenght and I will get more exhausted over time. Or… I am in a perfect situation to get another heart attack or stroke even. So, either way, how I will die is all set but of course when I try to walk under a moving car or a very low flying airplane it would have the same result. A good thing happened this morning. I had my Ultra sound for the growth on my chest which was to be biopsied. The growth was not solid enough to stick a needle in there. If it gets worse I must return to the doc to give him some money! Did you ever had one yourself? A big needle is is inserted and when you say “AHH!” they may stop pushing if they like you, otherwise…Special greetings to Nel and Terrie and Seena who contacted me.

Wow this is almost a book I wrote, but then I had to catch up… Right?

Greetings from Johanna and Johnben or JB.

Thank you Judith, where are all my friends? Run away?

JB. almost so lonely!

Forgive from " across the channel " meaning the waterway in between the Island and Mainland , please …accept hugs back to you and J !!! from the beautiful Shuswap , BC …Petronella :slight_smile:

Johnben, your friends are still here! I am so glad to hear from you again and sorry you are struggling. My dad is 88 years old and his cardiologist always tells him"Every day is a gift!" Please don’t stop writing, o.k.?

Greetings, Johnben and Johanna. It’s always good to hear from you.

Hey Dear JB! :slight_smile:

Sorry that I missed this discussion. I think everyone that we know was born in the Fall, so lots of Birthdays to prepare for and to Enjoy. I’m Happy to read your “book” although I’m Sad that you are suffering this much.

You are right about the accounting for our long term actions but sometimes it is difficult for People to comprehend the consequences when they are young, or in denial, addicted, depressed, etc.

I admire you for making it to your 80’s(Awesome!), for sharing your Wonderful stories and experiences and for always being able to come up smiling even in your worst of times. You are one Very Special Man John. =)Hopefully you will have easier times ahead. My Best to you and Johanna. (((Hugs)))