Illness with Diabetes

I have a lung infection created by Mephistopheles himself and my blood sugar has been on a roller coaster since about Saturday.

Its nice having the continuous glucose monitor, but that thing flakes out when you get to the upper two hundreds.

I’m functional right now because I broke down and took two Tylenol.

I find that protein, like peanut butter, helps smooth my blood sugar. Maybe I’ll have a spoonful now while my blood sugar crashes from its recent 300 peak.

Such is life.


hello, Brian, that sounds serious. Are you taking any antibiotics, or is it viral? I hope you feel better soon.

No anti-Bs. I’m not sure its viral. The docs say its going around and aren’t prescribing anything to my friends at work who got it. Bed rest is needed, but I’m at a startup company and really can’t sacrifice any time.

Thanks much for caring!