I'm almost fully healed

I have been doing alot better since my last post. I am sleeping through the night again. I have changed the way I have been eating. Instead of having a bowl of cereal and a yogurt at breakfast I have been waiting until later for my yogurt. I have been keeping my meals small, drinking water with meals and between. I make it a point to move after eating. I usually take a 10 minute walk. Deep belly breathing has been helping me also.I am still being very careful.


That is great news. Glad you are feeling better. I also take a walk after meals. Helps a lot. Nancy50

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Thankyou. The sleep issue is more debilitating than the eating. I just would like to have a bit more appetite.

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Right now I am taking an aggressive role in keeping my bloodsugars below 10.0mmol. I am eating small amounts of food and watching my sensor. When it approaches the 9.0mmol range or when it starts rising I jump on the treadmill in order to bring it back in range. Right now I am basically babysitting my diabetes. I’m not doing anything else so just as well. Hopefully it will make my gastroparesis disappear. I can only hope.

I hear that! If I can’t sleep, I go slowly insane.

Yeah, I hear ya. I am doing alot better than yesterday. I was a little down in the dumps. But, when I thought about it on the positive side , my bloodsugars haven’t been erratic. My dexcom starts to go up about 15- 20 mins after eating and I am not seeing the spikes after the insulin is all gone. I am eating differently. I usually have a bowl of puffed wheat cereal w/milk and a lowfat no added sugar yogurt. Now I am splitting the meal up. I eat my yogurt a couple hours later when my sugar has stabilized. I have been doing the deepbelly breathing and walking on the treadmill when my sugar starts to rise. I don’t know what I would do without my dexcom. It sure is a lifesaver and an excellent tool to help all of us diabetics manage our condition.

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Are you pre-bolusing? I find that helps a lot with the control, as well as keeping all my meals at 30 gyms of carbs or lower. Glucose levels are much easier to control by following that.

Since I have been walking after my meals I find that my insulin is working better, I feel better and I feel I have more control. Our treadmill broke down :confused: so I downloaded some fast paced music and I should be able to mimic the same activity by just keep moving after a meal.

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