Doing even better than yesterday

I feel even better today. I did my site change this morning without a hitch. I feel I have so much more control since my last flareup with gastroparesis. I am eating less at a meal and finishing the rest a couple hours later to avoid any spikes. I still have no appetite but that’s no different than how I was before. My bloodsugars have been excellent. When looking at my graph it sure doesn’t look like I have gastroparesis. The only symptom I have right now is reduced appetite. In the last 14 days dexcom clarity says my a1c is 6.5% with an average of 7.7 and I have been 86% on target.


That’s AWESOME!! So glad you’re feeling better. I just got my Dexcom this weekend. I’ve been in range about 73% of the time so far. I’m not on a pump currently. I’m using the InPen and the Dexcom together. I’m hoping that my Endo (she’s new to me and I don’t get to see her until July 7th) will allow me to keep this set up at least for now to see how well I do on it. My A1C when I went to the Dr. last month was 11. So, I may not be as lucky to keep this set up when I go. I want to keep my Dexcom though, and it’s not compatible with the current pump I have (Medtronic 630G). So, if she’s going to put me back on a pump I want her to put me on the Tandem Tslim.

Yeah, I’m in the same boat you are. I’ll be sooo happy when my pump can communicate with my pump. I love dexcom so that is one of my main reasons for goig with the tslim pump. I also don’t want to have to wait another 5 years for the best software to help me manage. I am only doing so well because I’m putting in the work to make it happen. I don’t work anymore so I might as well focus on my “D”. It also makes me a happier person knowing I’m in control. Good luck getting your a1c down. Now they say that the A1C isn’t the holy grail of “D”. Standard deviation is crucial to be kept low. So if a person is getting an a1c of 6.5 and they are doing alot of up and down business than it doesn’t really count.

I got my A1C results back!! I came from an 11 down to an 8. Some of the time I was on 4 shots a day of Novolog and 2 shots a day of Lantus, then I got my Dexcom and InPen, then went back on the pump. So there were lots of changes in those 3 months. I’ll be anxious to see what Fiasp and Omnipod do for the next 3 months!!

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That’s good news! I got 5he tslim through the upgrade program but I don’t know if I’ll be able to use it. I have basal rates as low as.075 &.025. The tslim doesn’t go that low. I see my Diabetes Educator on Thursday. Maybe I can get put on a diluted solution. If not I might have to stick with the medtronic pump☹. It’s working for me but I want my cgm to talk to my pump. A touchscreen would also be nice. We’ll see.