I'm bored.with "D."

I haven’t been at this “D” for long. I’m already bored with my choices for meals.Does anyone else get bored with food choices?
I do know that I like to have fairly even carb/protein meal for breakfast. Lately, I’ve wished that I could just have a quick drink of “something” and be done with thinking about it. I confess to wishing for a coffee drink or sometimes a cold drink (like a shake)
When I want a shake; I make a fresh smoothie.
I’ve no idea how to make a balanced, breakfast “meal” kind of hot drink.
Would anyone have any ideas that would help me along?

Think soup for breakfast - it feels so good in the tummy - a nice chicken noodle or one of those take-along ones.

sigh… I’m such a stinker. I still want something that resembles a "normal"breakfast drink. I can’t drink do chicken noodle unless I leave out the noodles. I wonder if there is a way to make hot fruit soups?