I'm new here

Hi. I’m new here. Type 2. I’ve been through pretty much all the diabetes meds there are and am now on insulin and boy, this is a life changing event. I found this website looking for medical alert jewelry and noticed how respectful people are when reading the forum.
I know little about insulin because I attempted blood sugar control over the years through diet mostly and the medications that I’ve had a lot of trouble tolerating.
Last week things went out of control (bg over 400) and I ended up in the hospital with a severe complication. I think support is one of the keys to success which is why I joined.
Thanks for listening,

Hey one thing I find a lot of here is understanding, support and care. The people here listen and support you no matter what. No judgment calls or pointing fingers at you for slips or falling off the “carb wagon”. Welcome and if ya got a question ask. Remember the only stupid question is the unasked one !!!

Thanks, Don, That’s good to know. Not only did I get my medical ID ordered but found this website as well! Next step is education, though I feel as though I’ve learned a lot from reading the forums.