I'm New

I’m new to this forum. My dd (now 4) was diagnosed with type 1 D 1 1/2 years ago. Due to the complicated “privacy” policy at the hospital I’ve been unable to make contact with any other parents with small children with Type 1. A friend on another forum sent me here.

Hi, Angela-another excellent source of information is childrenwithdiabetes.com. There is an outstanding forum there, very active and many experienced parents of type 1 diabetics. Good luck!

welcome to a good place who try to help out when we can.my daughter allison is 4 and was diagnose october 5 2007.almost 2 weeks before her 4th birthday.im sorry for the reason that you joined this place,but you are with good freinds.hope things are going well. : )

Hi. I hope you find the group usefull.