I'm Not Sure What To Do About My BS Levels

I’m not sure what to do about my BS levels. One hour after I ate lunch (chicken and cheese sandwich, 2 dill spears and around 1 1/2 cups of Cheerios) I was at 197. At two hours after lunch I was at 136.

I work the third shift (newspaper carrier) and the other night I ate a snack really high in sugar before I left (around 11:30pm) and when I got home at 4:00 I was at 114. The next night I had not had anything to eat in about 9 hours and when I got home I was at 140. I eat breakfast when I get home and then head to bed so my wake-up numbers are mostly in the mid-high 130s. I take 1000mg of metformin with breakfast and 1000mg of metformin with dinner.

I’m wondering if I should see my doctor or if this could be a normal thing for me. I’m on Amoxil 875mg for a sinus/ear thing so that could have something to do with it. I also went through a period when I wasn’t very careful with my diet, so could this be my body being out of wack because of that? I recently had blood work done and my fasting BS was 103.

I’m just needing some advice here because I’m not sure what to do.

I can’t give too much help, but I know that i used to have high blood sugar levels from not counting pickles into my carb count! Depending on the type, it can be up to 5g per dill spear (Although most are 2-3g). It should be said that I LOVE pickles-- some a normal meal may involve five or so! So it’s important to check the nutrition facts.
Unforunately I don’t know enough about Metformin to offer any other advice, but I think that unexplained blood sugars are a great thing to tell you doctor! Hopefully someone else on TuDiabetes can help more!

I haven’t had a chance to update my A1c which is 6.9 now. That high number was when I was first diagnosed.