Why oh why CGM

I have the animas vibe which i like sometimes. last week it said pump not primed a few times on thursday and once on
friday and now its saying enter BG when i have entered it a few times! i never had this issue before. i dont wanna keep
entering it for the sake of trying to get rid of the message. i think it may be time to go with the medtronics as they are
taking over for animas. waiting to hear back from my endocrinologist and diabetic nurse. has anyone else had
this issue? i already also had the transmitter fail on me even tho i got it in july and have the replacement.

sigh the joys of being a pumper.

first G5 receiver had bad buttons. Dex replaced it. new one ok.

sometimes calibration is requested more than once. Tech support says that happens when there is a wide variation between meter and xmitter readings. it’s happened to both me and my wife, randomly, and not so sure ourselves that tech support explanation answers ALL the issues with multiple requests of the receiver to calibrate.

yesterday I had my first “bad” sensor. readings all over the place (like off by 90 points, etc for 17 hours of randomness). Dex is shipping me a replacement.

i have the G4. but this is the first time this has happened. so if it happens again just check my sugar levels and enter it again? i never had a bad sensor but a bad transmitter which got replaced last weds.

I’m aware she is using the Vibe. Am I not allow to comment? :slight_smile:

i have a receiver that i used when i was on the animas ping but now i am on the animas vibe. the receiver i have doesnt work as i tried to do the calibration and entered it and it wouldnt accept it for some reason. im just frustrated at the moment

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your allowed to comment :slight_smile:

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