I'm thankful

-my loving family
-a warm house
-an amazing mother who has been by my side from birth and hardships
-a talented, hilarious boyfriend who makes me laugh in my bitchiest of moods
-my crazy father who thinks he’s a mountain man
-my brother who is 25 years old, still lives at home and plays that wee game thing… i love him anyway

  • my obese cat tigger, and my little cat maisy who i rescued from a trash can
    -my 8 hens and 2 roosters who supply my protein every morning (eggs)
  • my ability to paint the winter sky but not remember how to divide
  • refrigerated light no name smooth peanut butter
  • my college education
  • my body, lumps, bumps, flat chest, my mothers huge eyes, my fathers high forehead
  • my appreciation of all diversities of the human species… thanks to my mother
  • my strive to stay healthy and be a hip old lady
  • cosmopolitan for keeping me sane
  • the fact that I have a disease that stresses the importance of healthy living and vitality… a disease i can control
  • the creation of insulin
    -the creation of glucose meters
    -the creation of pens and insulin pumps
    -the creation of sugar free candy
    -the creation of Tu diabetes which is my second cosmopolitan

-Not letting diabetes control my life

What a spectacular outlook on your life. In the crazy chaos of day to day rituals it is so nice and refreshing to just stop and look at how blessed we truly are, isn’t it? Thanks so much for sharing. :slight_smile:

What an inspriation you are.being thankful for everything from people to peanut butter! I need to write down everything I am thankful for everyday. I think my outlook on life and being diabetic would really change. Thankyou so much for sharing