Improving... but not fast enough for my liking

My last A1c was 8.9. I know it is still too high, but, it is a great improvement from the last two.

My insulin has been changed 3 times in the last couple of months from 75/25 to Levemir, which I had a reaction to, then to Lantus. This is much better. I still might have to go on Januvia if I cannot bring the spikes down at 10 AM. I may have to bring the carbs down to 2 at breakfast. I am supposed to have 3, but today, I spiked to 11.4. As soon as I sat down, I wanted to sleep. It helped not to give in to that, as hard as it was, I was successful.

Since the 22nd of November, I would double what ever my pre-breakfast numbers were. I have had made the adjustment from 15 units to 20 units. Now I am having my morning numbers closer to the 7 they want.

My weight is still not good, but, it is the lowest it has been in high school. That makes me happy. What I find so upsetting is the skin sagging going on. I have shrunk a whole inch and do not need anymore female exams, EVER, unless, I get sicker. I am feeling older to say the least.

I had a thyroid test last week and he says that I am doing well. Why don't I feel like that though?
Supposedly, ALL my health issues ARE related to the thyroid. After all the research I have done, I still do not believe him.

I am so stuck in the traditional medical field. I would love to see what an alternative doctor says.

In England, there is a man who killed a lady while driving due to low blood sugar. He ran up the curb and actually hit 2 ladies. The other one is in hospital.He will be sentenced next week. This scares me to death. There it is law that you test before you drive. Here, we had a man with his huge semi drive over a meridian on the highway. I have mentally blocked the outcome.

I had a "2" once while I was driving.I could not pull over, either. So there I was trying to test and treat . Too scary!! I was also having them in the middle of the night... twice to be exact.
Now you tell me why my doctor put me on 75/25 when it is not for people who are all over the place???
I get so frustrated with all the mis - treatment.Our government, 6 months or so ago,authorized long acting insulin. I had to be on all kinds of the wrong stuff for years. The consequences ? Glaucoma and surgery with an implant, nerve damage in my toes and partially into my feet, gastroparesis. The change in diet makes this gastric stapling almost bearable.I will need to be on Prevacid the rest of my life...unless its a systemic yeast infection causing the problem.I do not eat anything with yeast in it, nor do I eat white flour or wheat.I need to eat more veggies... I am doing better at it but... My favorite is brown rice cakes, peanut butter and bananas.

Well, better be off and running before my sugars start to rise. HA!! Me run? I don't think so.My heart could not take the shock, nor could my knees.

Thanks for listening.Talk to you later.

Did you have 2 grams of carbs at breakfast or 2 "counts." I have a lot of trouble with carbs and breakfast is the worst. I actually try to keep my breakfast under 6g, usually I have eggs, cheese and sausage. A low carb diet really has been helpful for me.

Hi Cheryl , time to say HI from the Shuswap , your BC neighbour :) ...maybe a silly question ;I have not followed you postings till now : do you see an Endocrinologist ...your Edmonton has some well known Diabetes Specialists at the University ??

Two servings, which is 15 grams and I am supposed to have 15 servings a day, which is 1600 calories. This edict came down from the dietitian.
I have had a gastric stapling so I don't eat more than 6 oz of meat /day. But that is a normal amount for any female. I have digestion issues...I do not like that I have to pate' all real meat. I have only a slight cholesterol problem due to eating slow cooking large flaked oatmeal daily plus peanut butter as often as I can get away with it. No cholesterol, either! The trouble with peanut butter is that it is 2 tablespoons for one serving and each has a serving of fat. But what is the difference? You are supposed to have fat at every meal and it is a healthy fat on top of it. I don't use salad dressings, a tub of vegan margarine will last me a couple of months, just a bit of mayo some times. I refuse statins, too.
But because my sugars were over the place, my last dietitian's visit was more like a shakedown at a crime investigation. I really do not believe they know what they are doing...but I get to take all the blame anyways and because of the way I was treated, I transferred my file to a closer diabetic center. I have already made up my mind that if I hear one hint of blame when I go to them in January, I will walk out. I have enough stress in my life.

Hi nel! That is one place I just love...AHHHH!!! BC! I was there in August 2010.I have friends in Abbotsford and on the Island. I would love to go and live there again.
Yes, in the distant past, I did go to the U of A. I did not make much progress with that doctor either. At this point, my GP is undertaking for me and seeing me until I can get to the Diabetic clinic in Jan. I don't really want to go there again either as I don't want to make myself look any more stupid, like the last dietitian insinuated by saying "You had education in what ever year it was and again in another year" I was told it was a good idea by the diabetes nurse that it is a good idea to go every couple of years, just to keep up with what is new.
I'm so tired of it all. I see the discrepancies in what they tell me and it really affects their credibility, with me, anyways.

Has the Team mentioned carb counting relative to the amount of insulin you inject ; this will give more flexibility into your eating pattern/life ?? I am not a low carb eater and will leave that topic for others to write about .
Please , maybe easier said than done : " it is not about blame " the best you can , one day at the time ...I just got out of a " diabetes " slump a bit and tried to focus on more empowering stuff ; turning it around is possible .Hugs from beautiful BC :)

Well, I am sure feeling blamed.There's a whole lot more to this story than meets the eye. I have a very complicated medical history, but yes, since I have been put on Lantus I am doing better. No, no one has told me about this. I am on 20 units twice a day. yes, positive empowering stuff,that is the way to go.

I really feel for you. It sounds like you have had a really rough time and I'm also not sure you have always had useful help from your healthcare team. Many of us have felt blamed and are ashamed of our condition, but that is just wrong, if anything you need to think of yourself as a victim here. A primary purpose of this forum is to help you feel better about yourself and take charge of the situation and turn things around. The first part of being able to do that is believing in yourself. I believe in you.

You are a keeper , my friend...thank you for the encouragement!I just hope I can prove the point that they have been dead wrong all this time.It is said that diabetes is a lonely disease.I have been wandering the diabetic desert for years.All my ex would do is be the diabetes police. He knew the problems I had being heard with doctors. I want this nightmare to be over with sooner rather than later.

Hi Cheryl , do you carry glucose pills with you in case of low BG's ...the Januvia you take may cause lows , correct ? I am living with diabetes for 30 years moment I think " I got it " till something hits me right in the face and I need to " learn " more ....the Medical Team members go through the same ...things are not the same as they were "30 years ago " ..and we are all different .Are there Support groups for people with diabetes in Edmonton ? Insulin Pumpers are getting together here in Salmon Arm in the New Year ...One day at the time :)

The doctor said that Januvia would not cause lows, but just even me out. With the Lantus, I am within range, but still all over the place. He said I might not need as much insulin.
WELL!! How would I know if I don't go low, I ask? Supposedly, I will not gain BUT I will not lose either. He said the Metformin would not affect me. He would not listen to me. It only took a couple of pills before it did... Big time!
If anyone ever makes comment on my weight again they had better watch out!! I'm fuming,again!
The other difficulty with Januvia is that it interferes with some hormone that keeps the body from forming tumors. If that is the case with the team they had better get on it... IMHO, they are looking rather unknowledgeable to me.
I have done nothing but suffer since this stapling. My doctor says it is to blame for all my digestive problems.
I have been on so many oral meds and a few fast acting insulins at different times. I have never been stable, ever!
No solid food for me tonight for dinner. I'm still suffering from lunch and it is 4 hours later.

Yes, I do carry glucose tablets.
I did attend one support group, but, I think it folded.