Improving my Roller Coaster

When I first went to my Endo (let’s just say I cancelled a few appointments in between) last month, I wore my sensor the week prior to my visit in hopes of her figuring out my sugars. Looking back on that day, I realize why she spent an hour in the office looking as dazed & confused as I was. After that dreaded hour, we agreed (yes, I got a nice one!) that I would try to give up eating out, more low fat meals & keep a detailed log at least 1-3 days of the week. I was amazed at how nice she was to me & the fact that I didn’t get a lecture or more nagging! :slight_smile: So I agreed, although I’ve been a bit more compulsive on a daily basis to get my A1C under 7 (I’d rather not mention my most recent one, I think you might be able to figure it out from the graphs). So here’s a few graphs from just a few weeks ago…

And here they are just around last week…

It’s been a lot of work, but I’m getting there. I’ve been weighing, measuring, counting & compulsively logging everything I do for the last few weeks & it’s helped… tremendously. I’m back to basal testing & memorizing carb: ounce ratios for food & not overeating for lows. Hopefully on my next update, I can get those little lines to stay within the “good zone” for once.

Wow isn’t it amazing when we take hold of control and try real hard we SEE what can be done:) the hard part is sticking to it. But all I can do is cheer you on, and have hope that you will do what your body really needs:) this is my speech to me every morning, somedays I am happy to hear my inner voice other days I try to fight it, but lucky for me that inner voice has gotten stronger:)
Keep you the good work and I sure look forward to seeing your new graph in a few weeks:) take care, Debbie

keep up the good work. your second graph looks a lot more consistent. One of the things I would try, and I know it will get old fast but it got my A1C down to 4.9. I ate the same meals every day (different for each meal, but the same things each day) without snacks until I knew exactly how my body would respond to each food and I knew how to handle it. It gets old, but takes notes every day about how long before you ate was your bolus, how long it took your BG to spike, how fast did it fall and where did you level out afterwards. Then you can change the timing of your bolus to each meal. For example, red potatoes for me, I have to be in the 70’s before I will eat them and then I bolus 20-25 minutes before eating. At 3 hours my BG will be back in the high 70’s and I will need to cover with a bit of food to prevent going low because they digest rather quickly. The opposite is true for eating beans, eg chili, baked beans or boiled beans. I can dose anytime, but have to account for the fiber (the only food that I have to do this with).

Once you understand how your body reacts to the different foods you will be able to tailor your bolus very specifically to your meals.

The other thing that needs to be with you at all times is a food database, either in the form on a digital copy on a program like diabetes pilot, or in a book like CalorieKing. You should have a copy of CalorieKing in your purse at all times because it is a GREAT reference for all foods, including fast foods. The online version of CalorieKing, if you have a smartphone, is really cool because you can pull up pretty much any chain restaurant and get the carb counts for their meals (e.g. applebees).

Keep up your workouts too! That will really help to keep your high BGs away if your diet is good and you’re careful about correcting your lows. Learn your sensitivity to sugar. On a fast with normal basal rates eat a piece of candy, like a mint with 5 g of carbs and see what your BG does. Once you know how your body responds you can then correct properly (me 5 g of sugar moves me 20 points with no insulin).

You pry have been told all of this before, but I typed it all out just in case you hadn’t.


Thanks for reading, I think my blogs become more my personal rants more than anything. I am in love with calorieking! I do have a smart phone & I whipped it out at Chili’s one night out with friends & realized I had very few choices for anything under 25g fat & under 60 carbs. I also bought a scale & weigh or measure almost everything I eat. I eat similar choices every day, although not exactly the same (& of course if I exercise that day, it’s hard to tell how the food affects my sugar as my insulin absorption goes through the roof). I’ve been sticking to low fat foods with lots of veggies instead of carbs & if I do eat carbs it’s whole grain rice or the like. I swear after 16 years you’d think I’d have a handle on things, but it’s truly like starting all over. Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile: