In memorial of... food?

I just watched one of those tattoo shows and there was a guy who was in accident but later found out he as lactose intolerant. He got a memorial tattoo of cheese, because he can no longer have cheese. It got me thinking… it would be neat to have a memorial tattoo for diabetes… you know we kind of mourn our old life but look forward to the future (like the cheese guy!).

I’m completely silly but i’m loving the idea, but instead of cheese what could the tattoo be? Would it be food? soda? a person? a pancreas? what do you think?

I’ll go for one of pizza, money and cigarettes, things I no longer have since Dx.

My husband is lactose intolerant… but he just takes the pills, and drinks lactaid. lol He’d never quit cheese. Kinda agree with Carrie… I might add cake to that, too. lol

Mine would be doughnuts!!!

As in the time we have been robbed of due to D. As in the time we won’t ever get to see because this filthy condition has lessened our life but that much. As in the time I could spend watching my daughter grow older and take care of her own children, but I can’t because of a clogged artery, a kidney failure, a stroke, or any other one of the many complications involved.
Time. That’s what I mourn.

that is a good one. All that energy we spend on controlling diabetes could have been spent thinking or accomplishing something else. Omg that makes me so sad…

I would memorialize all the things i can’t get away with anymore! I mean yeah i can still be lazy and eat whatever i want, but no forever. So i would memorialize strawberry cheese cake (what i used to eat on my bday), sweet tea (cuz you know it’s just not the same), orange juice, any chewy candy you can think of (my sweet tooth), oreos, icecream cake, chewy sprees (because i was afraid to eat them after i got diagnosed), strawberry cupcakes with icing (somebody used to bring them in a work, they made the day a little bit brighter), roasted peanuts (my energy pick me up while i did homework), pizza (hey it’s not a party unless there is pizza), and my love for mountain dew ( i never got to have it… i realized the love to late). But most of all i’m going to miss licking the batter from the brownies, and then eating all the brownies… i think i have obsession with food. I wish my stupid pancreas would just start working already.

Yes, Time.
Being Spontaneous…that is what I miss.

I wonder if “Shock Treatments” would re-start our pancreases? LOL Kinda like jump starting a dead battery. LOL
OHHH Brownie Batter??? I want to just put my whole face in the *^%$# bowl.

Pineapple. Man, I love pineapple. Tastes like you’re taking a bite out of the sun.

Ooo, pineapple. Watermelon, too.

Chocolate chip cookie dough. Anything crusty–pies, turnovers, apple dumplings.

I had pneumonia years ago (pre-D). The only thing I could tolerate eating for weeks without feeling sick was watermelon, mashed potatoes & mac & cheese. Makes me want to shoot a whole vial of insulin just thinking about it now!

i read somewhere they used to treat mental patients by making there sugar low and then go back to normal… which explains why i’m crazy to begin with!

Chinese food, Plate of Spaghetti, Mexican Food or Bag of Sugar with a line through it?

Just the words, “Good Food”. Cuz when ya love food and gotta deal with the D ya can’t enjoy all the good food the world has to offer!!!

I’m going to draw you a tattoo of this Pavlos. I’ve designed 3 of the 4 tattoos on my body and I think I’ve got a knach for it. :slight_smile:
This is entriely accurate. I don’t even like food. Food is a chore.
But it’s the worry and the ticking of the clock in the back of my mind that drives me crazy.

I miss sleeping in late (no low BG), going to bed early (no Levemir shot at 11pm), making sweating love (no low BG), going out to a bar (without the CGM), spontaneously taking a day trip (no snacks), planning for the future (no worries about dying at age 30).

I still DO all the good stuff, but… I just have to plan for it and worry about it and … I’m right on board with you here Pavlos.

That would be really cool. I can’t guarantee I’ll use it because I’m still unsure of the whole idea, but if it’s good enough it will go to the top of my list (which fluctuates practically every time I think about it).