In Memory Of Granny...Who I'll be Remembering

Gone, Never Forgotten—Gloria Jean Murrell B.K.A Granny

Granny and My Husband Scott on my wedding day

My Granny was a fiesty lady, she loved to go to church every Sunday, loved to watch Young & The Restless, Jeporady, Wheel of Fortune, Price is Right, Perry Mason and Murder She Wrote (she would kill me if I left that out). My Granny loved to take the grand kids outside to play games like “Mother May I”, “Red light, Green Light”! She loved playing “Trouble”. She taught every one of her Grandchildren how to play cards, her favorite card game was UNO.
She taught me that family was important she came to every event anyone had, no compliants. Granny taught me how to be honest, even if they do hurt someone else but not to be harsh or cruel about it; she could be that way at times. Granny taught me how to forgive and forget; something she didn’t learn how to do until her last days. Granny taught me how to love my child unconditional… so when they grow up… never call, never visit or ackknowlge me on Mother’s Day or my Birthday to dust it off; maybe one day they would remember and even if they don’t oh well. I’ll cry and be fine the next day.
My Granny taught me not to let age stop you, at 75 years old, she still babysat Niya (newborn), went on cruise’s, visited family in other states, drove 80 miles an hr in a 45 mile an hr road, still visited the sick in the hospitals, could out run most of us, and even though she was 75 years old, she acted as if she was 60. Granny made some of the best sweet tea and dinner rolls I have ever tasted; before being DX with diabetes…lol her Tea would have sent me into a diabetic comma…lol
Losing my Granny taught me to call my Mother everyday; I do that anyway, she would kill me if I didn’t. Tomorrow isn’t promised, Say I love you, live a fruitful life, and to take plenty of pictures (she hated to do that)…I love you Granny…

Thank you!!! You summed it all up…:slight_smile: What you said makes alot of sense!! thank you!!

Hello! What a beutiful tribute. My grandma passed away two years ago this past April. She was truely a AMAZING!!! woman. She taught me how to BELEIVE!!!. as in todays sermon at church and my grandma would say IF YOU HAVE FAITH AS A MUSTARD SEED…NOTHING WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU. My grandma would be proud of my brother takeing step by step and showing me inch by inch day by day to show how to deal with the pump.And life will be more of a cinch once all the bumpa are out of the way.She my not be here physiacal but she knows the power of him. Last WEEK I EVEN STOPPED BY TO SHOW HER MY PUMP. And to let her know with him all things are possible.Well Gram you left youur foot steps behind. But you sure did earn your purple wings. Some day i will trade in my purple pancreas for my purple wings . When my missions are down here on earth. Till we meet again MAY THE LORD WATCH BETWEEN ME AND YOU WHILE WE ARE ABSENCE ONE FROM THE OTHER AMAN. YOU OUR THE WIND BENETH OUR WINGS LUV YA ALWAYS. diabeticidol94

That was a beautiful and touching post. :slight_smile:

Funny, your granny reminds me more of my great-grandparents than my grandparents… My mother’s maternal grandfather, at age 95, thought nothing about hopping the bus from Los Angeles to San Diego to see his daughter (my grand-aunt), who had been living for twenty years with MS and Parkinson’s, and then calling her son when he got there to pick him up at the depot. My mom’s paternal grandmother lived with us for a while. When we were little, she would always let us “help” her bake in grandma’s kitchen… she was visiting for my ninth birthday party and was a bit of the “celebrity guest” since most of my friends didn’t have living great-grandparents :slight_smile:
My maternal grandmother’s birthday was two days ago; she would have been 95 were she alive, but she’s been gone just over 16 years.
One of the things I miss is not being able to pass those types of experiences down to the next generations…

LOL…your great grand’s do sound like my g-ma!!!
My g-ma use to sing a song to my daughter when she was little and I try to sing it to her every night. I want her to be able to pass it down to her kids.