Inconsistent Shipment of New Pods

Unbelievable how careless Omnipod is to their users. I received an email stating they had my new insurance information and that my January 6 reorder would be automatic. Heard nothing received nothing and just found out they never shipped without any notes or reason. They couldn’t care less if I ran out of pods!!! And let’s not talk about how this company has made no new advancement to their pods or pdm in over 10 years! Yet these things cost $25 per pod at $250 per month and a new pdm is over $600!! It is just highway robbery and the lack of care they demonstrate to their users is appalling considering their are a medical provider of insulin delivery mechanisms!!! Over the years, I have come to hate and loath this company!!!

You might want to use a medical supply company. They can interface with you and they sometimes have the supplies and ship them them selves and some order and have them drop shipped.
You could try and see how it goes for you, I use Byram from my dexcom but only because dexcom stopped servicing us directly. I’m happy with them.

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I get mine through OptumRx and have had great luck with them. For some reason pods can’t be put on auto reorder so I do have to order them, but I just do that when I get notice my insulin is being sent. But when the script ran out I got an e mail saying it needed to be renewed and when I didn’t contact them within a day, I got another e-mail. My doctor didn’t respond right away as she was on vacation and I got another email saying my doctor didn’t respond within two days.

Insulet was not very helpful to fix a problem of their own making a few years ago. When I moved they decided the second shipment after I moved couldn’t be sent. I called and supposedly it was being sent. Next call they were straightening it out. They had made a mistake on their end. It was over 30 days total before it was finally straightened out and put me into the next year and an insurance change as of the first. So all new paperwork . They would not send me the pods that turned out to be a mistake on their end in processing because I was at that point under new insurance and they had to now get sent through a supplier. Not even just a month supply because of their error. They had it on record even when they were first requested and admitted it was their mistake. The pods were still free under the new insurance, but basically I was out a months worth of pods. Luckily my script is generous so I didn’t have to worry about it. One of the many reasons many of us stockpile supplies. But I couldn’t believe when they admitted it was their error and they apologized, I talked to a supervisor and they wouldn’t send me any pods. The new supplier was very prompt in sending me supplies.

So yea, I don’t think much of Insulets customer service. But I’ve had a couple of PDM failures and they have been prompt about sending out replacements for that.

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