Increasing Remicade, A1C stable, getting second endo opinion (YAY!)

Hi all, hope everyone's well dealing with the artic vortex in some form or fashion. Here it's cold in the mornings and nice by mid-morning until evening.

Got my Remicade today--so happy, it's only lasting 3 weeks instead of the 4 weeks it should. I saw my rheumy new partner today for the first time. She seemed nice and she wants to up my Remicade from 5.5 to 7.5 since I'm still showing active RA (mean ole Uncle Arthur).

Unfortunately, next month I'll have to hold out until 5 weeks (January 16, 2015) due to insurance re-authorization, starting a new year's deductible, yadda yadda, yadda yadda. I'll be a grump until.....

January 29,2015, yes, I finally got a referral to see my rheumy's suggested endocrinologist. Went by my endocrinologist to get copies of my labs, and they were just a little to happy to give them to me...hmmm, I wonder, does he consider me a problem child? After all, he's still holding off not giving me anything...yes, my A1C has dropped from 6.4 to 6.1 (bloodwork early Nov.) but I've been having regular hypos--doesn't that account for anything?

GBs have been steadily climbing since late October --

mornings used to be high 80s-mid 90s, now mid 120s to high 150s
pre-lunch used to be low 100s, now mid 140s to high 160s
post-lunch used to mid 100s to high 120s now high 140s to low 220s
before I leave work low 120s to mid 140s
hypo every evening during my drive home from work--70 or lower
dinner used to be low 100s, now mid 140s to high 160s
post-dinner used to mid 130s to high 150s now high 180s to low 200s
bedtime -- 140s - 150s