Has anyone elese developed an infection in thier abs where they attach thier sensor. I have been using the Dexcom for the past four months and love it! The last few days, I have been having high sugars of 350-420 for some unknown reason.
The last two nights while taking my nightime injection in my abs, I has “puss” come out of my injection site. I no that infection can cause high sugar anf think I could have developed some infection in the ab area where I rotate my sensors.
Does this sound possible? I will call my doctor first thing in the morning and continue my sugar over night. Thanks for any information which you may have.

Do make sure you contact your doctor, high sugars can be a sign of an infection.
I have never had any problems with my sensor sites or with my infusion (pump) sites. I ALWAYS clean the area with soap and water when I remove a site, and I ALWAYS put a bandaid with antibiotic cream over the spot where I just removed the sensor/infusion site.
Are you sure you are not getting some of the insulin “ozzing” back out after your injection? When I was on MDI’s and on a much higher doseage per injection, at times I would have a bit of insulin seep back out when I pulled the needle out after the injection.
But do check with your doctor. High sugars are not something to mess around with.