Informal Survey: Did you get your T1D while pregnant?

I did. What everyone assumed was the normal T2 Gestational Diabetes was in fact our good friend T1 beginning its journey in my body.

Just curious how many out there had the same onset…eg pregnancy was the trigger?


No, I got Type 1 Diabetes as a Kid. Sorry to hear that you were dxd. That must have been a shock for you and big hindrance and disappointment to you especially while you were pregnant. Good Wishes to you and your Family.

I was dxd. with another autoimmune disease, not long after after I delivered my first Baby.

Four months after our last child was born (I had gestational diabetes during the pregnancy but BGs returned to normal afterwards) I developed a sinus infection and that was my trigger for type 1 DM. I do beleive that the pregnancy had something to do with the whole process though. For the longest time, my poor son felt he was responsible for my DM1. Hopefully I have convinced him that is not true. He is now 17 years old and I wear an insulin pump and CGMS and am well controlled without any complications. (by God’s grace).

Yep… and I had normal labwork done at the beginning of my first pregnancy that shows I was fine… and I never spilled sugar or had anything else weird going on, 6 weeks later, a metabolic panel had a BG of 500+! It took nearly a year to get my T1 diagnosis after that… it was frustrating dealing with being labeled GD, then T2, then fighting for antibody testing to confirm what I already knew because I was seeing an idiot doctor after my pregnancy.

I had a cold at the time… but no symptoms other than that and what I assumed were regular pregnancy things…

I was also diagnosed with T1 while pregnant, however, I had already had Grave’s disease for 10 years prior to pregnancy and was seeing an endo for that. She diagnosed T1 correctly right away, thank goodness.

No. But 1 yr. after my youngest daughter was born I started to not feel well, and tested going Hypo alot of the time. Then a year later DXed Type 1 diabetic.

Yes I had gestational diabetes and then a brief honeymoon for about a year after my son was born and then misdiagnosis of T2. It was only after I saw an endocrinologist that I had antibody testing and found out I was a T1. For years I thought I had done something to cause this and felt great shame. Now I realize I am not at fault. I tested positive for antibodies in my thyroid as well as ovaries. They’re all related…So in addition to being diabetic, I have thyroid disease ( Hashimotos) and had early menopause at age 40!
There are a lot of us out there who have been originaly misdiagnosed T2 and are in fact T1.

I already had Type 1 since I was 10. Just got pg about 15 years later! Here’s whising you the BEST!!!

Nope, I was diagnosed a year before I got pregnant the 1st time. I was 28 when I was diagnosed

Leslie…me too! I have Grave’s disease and menopause at 35…yuck! Did the docs talk you into going on HRT?

I’m not sure. I had two miscarriages, followed by symptoms for many years after. Was thought to be gestational with my first son then finally diagnosed with T1 after my second son.