Insulin pumps and thin people

I plan on getting the pump soon… however i’m kind of nervous about where 'm going to have my sites because i’m pretty thin, the only place i have a little something is my upper arms… so for pump users out there on the tiny side, do you have problems finding a place to stick your pump. With needles I have always used my arms because it seriously hurts when i try to stick it in a place with no fat, i know with the pump you have to rotate alot… stupid metabolism… anyways, i’d love some tips

they make many different kinds of infusion sets including some with short cannulas and some that go in at an angle allowing for less fat. talk with your trainer about your concerns. They should have some good suggestions.

Jill…I am starting on the Omnipod next week and have the same concerns. I am not as thin as you, but am concerned with it showing in more fitted clothing. I’m going to research the older discussions in the Pumping Our Insulin section. This has been a topic many times in other blogs. I know there are a number of very fit people pumping so they should be able to make you feel better.

hi, Jill. yes, talk to your educator. there are many types of sets out there. here is a discussion I found in the Group Parents of Type1 about infusion set choices. I know you’re not a kid, but many kids with type 1 probably are thin too. I use 2 diff lengths cannula depending on where I’m poking.

that’s great I didn’t know the cannula came in different sizes, this may finally clear some things up haha

yeah, I use the minmed sof set quick release. it comes in 9mm and 6mm. I have an Accu-chek Spirit pump. It has the standard connection, so I am not forced to use Accu-chek infusion sets.

hey! im on the pump too and im on the thinner side. the only places ive ever found that work are the back of my upper arms and my stomach. ive tried everywhere else and it just ends up hitting muscle or sumthing and it hurts really bad.
hope you find some places to use!