Where to put sites for Pump

I know this may sound like a ridiculous complaint. However, I hardly have any fat and I was wondering where site would work with little body fat and less pain. I am not on the pump yet. Looking forward to it in the near future, however I was wondering about this when I do get one.

Hey Jeffrey you may want to check out some of the other pumping groups on this site to get some more pointers.
You can try Pumping our Insulin, or the Minimed group, or the Animas group. These are great sources to find out what types of infusion sets people are using and where they’re sticking them.
I’m not necessarily “skinny” but I’m pretty muscular/athletic, but when I was on a tubed pump I would use silhouette infusion sets in my stomach and quickset infusion sets on the top side of my rump.
Good luck w/ your pumping when you get started!

I use MiniMed sof-sets, MMT-320 is the number. They have a 6mm cannula.

Thanks for the heads up guys. Will definitely look into it further.