Infusion set tubing came out of cap

A strange thing happen to me this morning. I got a high alert from my CGMS at about 4:00AM. I think “odd”, but I have always struggled a little with my night time BS, so I take a correction. I get up this morning and it is even higher, so I take another correction. I go to take my morning shower and unplug myself only to find the cap in my hand with no tubing and pump attached. I look around and find that the tubing had actually come out of the cap. Due to this my morning correction corrected nothing. I had to change sets and take much more as my BS was still going up do to no basal for ‘?’ amount of time.

Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Edit: I use the Medtronic Quick-Set with an Animas 1250.

Hi Joseph, I think we have the same pump I use 722 mini med but no that has never happened to me and that is very strange I wonder if there is a recall I remember getting something in the mail about a re-call 6 months ago for the infusion sets ya might have to call them and have the credit you on it. Not much help and sorry to hear that the morning basils were completely skipped. I can tell you that in my experience with customer service has always been top notch and they have sent me new sensors whenever I have a problem witih no hassel so far…oh i hope not

I want to say it was not properly boned, but it kind of hard to say. I use the Quick-Set with an Animas 1250. My blood sugar was a little over 230 when I got up. About an 45 minutes later I was a little over 270.

Thanks for the reply.

I don’t think these are the same that are under the recall. I sent all of those back and received replacements, but I don’t use the MiniMed any longer. It is my backup pump. I am using same type of infusion set but made for the Animas.

yesterday i had a quick set that had very little adhesive and came off after about 8 hours, but i called minimed and they are sending me 2 quick sets to replace it so i am happy with minimed

I use the quickset with my minimed pump and yes, that has happened to me maybe three times in the six years I’ve had it. I think it’s only been when I’ve gotten the tubing caught on a drawer handle or something and given it a hard tug. It’s funny though cuz sometimes I take an old one and actually try to pull it out intentionally to see how much it’ll take and they are usually pretty strong. Must just be a few faulty ones in the bunch now and again.

They are very strong. I snag my tubing on everything. Then I think bad thoughts about it when in reality it is my fault.

This is the first for me. I have been pumping with the same type of infusion set for either the Paradigm or Animas for about 8 years. I was just curious if this was some type of new quality control issues that Medtronic may be having.

Well, something similar happened with my son . He was high at night, and corrected and I checked him at 3 am and he was higher still so I changed his site, primed and went to bed. checked him at 6 am and he was higher still and had ketones. Finally thought to look at the tubing - duh - his was cracked where the tubing comes out of the reservoir by the pump. No correction was given at all - I think he got no insulin for a long period of time!! First time this happened in 4 years - he is very active and was probably twirling the pump via the tubing or something crazy like that!!

What kind of tape do you use? All that I have tried come off in about an hour or less. It doesn’t help that I have so much hair on my stomach region, though.