Mini Med Infusion Set--ever have this problem?

So my BG went up extremely fast this morning, so I checked my infusion set. It was not attached. When I tried to reattach it, I could not get the tubing to lock into the catheter. Obviously, I changed the infusion set. I held onto the bad set, and could not even reattach itholding the two pieces in my hand.

I will call MM from home tonight, so I will have the lot#, but has anyone else had this problem?

Yep, I’ve had this problem maybe twice. It’s weird–both times it was after showering. I tried to reattach the tubing that had fit perfectly before my shower, but it was like the water warped it and it didn’t fit after the shower. I too, just sucked it up and changed the set. Never called MM though–let us know what they say.

It happens to me sometimes after I take a shower. I am guessing that when I dry off, a piece of the towel (string or towel fuzz) gets caught in there somewhere and won’t let me lock it. It is a pain in the rear.

If you use Quick sets, do you use the cap that comes with each infusion set? I used to have problems with threads, etc. after showering but haven’t since I started using the cap to protect the connector. I store one in the medicine cabinet so it’s handy at shower time …

Yes, I had this issue about 6 times during the 2 years I used a Minimed pump. I assume you mean the QuickSet infusion sets? I got sick of dealing with it - it was one of many many many reasons I left them for Animas (which I’ve had 0 issues with).

I never use the caps unless I am swimming. This was like the two pieces did not fit. I called MM last night and they sent me a return canister.

I am going to use the caps from now on. Thanks for the input.

I have used the MM pump for close to 7 years and have had it happen a dozen or some times. Just this morning as a matter of fact. Whether you use the cap or not, there is actually a moving part within the housing for the canula that gets turned around. Once it happens you’re pretty much sunk. A couple of times my site has been somewhere I could see the problem and gently rock the little ring back into place but usually I have to just give up and change the set.

Just one of many reasons I’m hoping my endo can justify my insurance getting me an Animas Ping. I’ve only had this pump for two years though so I might have to wait. (sad face)

Good luck

Talk to Animas and see if they are running their Animas Access program. (They run it off and on as a promo thing). I got in when they were running it last August. I was able to get an Animas Ping (refurbished) w/ 2 year warranty (not full 4 because it’s a refurbished pump and because then you can upgrade in 2 years w/ insurance paying for it) for $200 and the trade-in of my Minimed Paradigm.