ATTENTION: Minimed Quickset USERS!

A fellow camp member posted this on the camp Facebook fan page and I requested permission to use it. If you are Minimed user, PLEASE watch out for this!!! If you have this problem, please keep a record of the lot and serial numbers to your supplies and call them in to Minimed so they can be aware and try to fix this issue. This has caused may people to have severe hyperglycemia in a short amount of time and can leave you in a very dangerous situation.

If you use a Medtronic Pump, make sure you check your Quickset Tubing!!! This was sent to me by a friend of mine in GA.... her tubing came out where the tubing meets the reservoir and it happened to 6 out of 10 sites from the same box of Quickset Infusion Sets. CHECK YOUR TUBING!!


Hey, if anyone is having an issue... this is the reference number MMT-399 and the LOT number is 9201813.... Call MM and they'll replace them all!

Thank you for the warning! I just checked all of my infusion sets and I don’t have those LOT #'s. Hopefully, other’s will get this warning before they end up in DKA.

Thanks Sarah for the warning. I’ll check my lot number.

Thank you so much for sharing this - hopefully if anyone else has this lot they can be warned and avoid any complications!

I use the MMT-396 Quickset, so hopefully I won’t experience this issue.

However, there is one problem I’ve had happen several times in the past 6-9 months with my Quicksets. The plastic tab/catch on the infusion site seems to strip away, even after just one detachment. I cannot reattach the tubing to the infusion site or even attach the protection button. Medtronic has replaced six of them so far. Anyone else have this problem? Been using pumps for nine years and this didn’t happen until recently.

Thanks for the heads up. Fortunately, I have a different lot number. The infusion sets are not even made by Medtronic, they are made by another medical device company…

Had to check my latest shipment, I have the MMT-397’s which are the 23 inch. Is this lot the longer tubing?

Very interesting. I actually just called MM. We were going on vacation… my son’s site fell out at 5 am. He put a new one in. 3 hours later, his blood sugar was 350. 1 hour later, he was 400. I gave him insulin via a syringe, he changed his site, sitting down in the airplane, felt terrible. 2 hours later, he was about 320. Arrived on cruise ship, his blood sugar was HI. He felt terrible. Then he used a silhouette and came down within range very quickly and felt tons better. I didn’t think to check to see if it was the tubing, but the lower part of the cannula - each time was kinked !

I have MMT 386 different lot #. Weird.

I heard from a Canadian source , that this may not be the case for Canadian users …PS is the pump shown the 722 model ??

I had some of my silhouettes do that recently. Hasn’t seemed to inhibit insulin flow though.

Just spoke with Medtronic/MiniMed and their service is exemplary. MMT 398, MMT 399 LOTS 9201813 AND 9201018 and possibly more… My son has had a problem with this for several months! Sometimes the tubing just gets loose and leaks insulin at the lure lock while staying intact. My son is away at college, in class or sleeping at home, and by the time he realizes there is a problem his BG’s are extremely high. Then it requires direct injection via syringe, with a correction bolus for lost hours of insulin…which is difficult to estimate…
Just wish

I experienced the same problem as Joe Deaver last summer. I got replacements fromMM so I don’t know lot numbers.

Most infusion sets are relabeled/made by Unomedical. Including most of Medtronics sets. There are a few that aren’t Cleos and I think the Ultraflex and Flexlink Plus (these are noticably different than the normal Unomed versions and posdibly the Nipro and Sooil. I don’t think Mm would have had this issue if they stayed with a standard Luer Lock instead of making it propriatary.

Thanks, SarahK, for this info: I do have MMt 399 but not the listed lot numbers. I had inexplicable highs and a lot of no delivery messages, some due to crimps and some for n o reason I could see, but I did not look at where the tuboing meets the resevoir, just at the lure lock… I will keep an eye out on the tubing from here on out…
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We had a few months of this happening with my daughter’s Sure-T’s about two years ago. We received replacements from Medtronic, but they claimed it was an unknown problem. We sent our defective sets back to them to “investigate”. At the time, we didn’t know if was happening because my daughter sometimes plays with the tubing (she’s 8). It’s interesting to hear that we are not the only ones exeriencing this problem.