Infusion Sets (Luer Lock)

I have been using Inset and Inset 30 infusion sets because that's what is recommended with my pump, but I really don't like either one. The Inset 30s seem to leak, and the regular Insets don't stick well because there isn't much adhesive to them--and 2 of those also leaked probably because they came slightly un-adhered.
I thought I wanted to try a metal infusion set, but all of those have a "safety patch" which is yet another separate piece to stick to the body for no reason (my pump stays clipped to me or in my bra, so I've never dropped it and needed a safety patch.) Why do all the metal ones come with an extra safety patch?
What teflon infusion sets with luer lock do you recommend?

Thanks so much!

If your sets are becoming unstuck you can try using Skin Tac - I use this for CGM sensors which have to stay in place for a couple of weeks.

Have you tried the Comforts - these are the same as the Inset 30 except they are inserted manually? Inserting by hand can seem a bit scary at first, but works a lot better than using the spring-loaded inserted thingy that comes with the Insets 30s. The Comforts come in two lengths short and ?regular?. Ask your pump company to let you have a few samples to try out.


I do use iv prep.
I actually love the idea of inserting manually and not using an auto inserter. Thanks I will look into the Comfort.

I assume you are using an Animas pump. All the Luer lock sets are the same, but different companies sometimes use different names. In fact ALL sets are made by one company, Unomed. Sets for Minimed pumps are actually the same as the Luer lock ones, with the exception of the tubing-reservoir connector.

I love the Accu-chek Ultraflex. Just this morning, my husband was helping me change sets, and he was saying how well they stick on compared to others. they are luer lock, come in a variety of cannula and tubing lengths.

Thanks Marie B. I will definitely try those too.

I use the 30s - and i always have to add adhesive.....

One of the benefits to the "safety patch" is that you can put the "business end" in your body towards the back, and still be able to connect-disconnect without being a pretzel. I really like having additional real estate on my back side.

The Comforts that others have mentioned are very popular. Personally, I found them to be a bit more comfortable deep tissue-wise relative to the Insets, but less comfortable and leaving more of a mark on the surface, because of the angled insertion. The Insets make a very discrete hole, I think largely as a function of their 90 degree insertion angle. Personally, I find the Insets stick fine for three days, even when lap swimming, though I do use Skin-Prep prior to insertion, which in addition to disinfecting apparently helps make the adhesive stick a little better.

Hey Denise, Did you find an infusion set you like? My inset 30s have been leaking a ton lately too (no idea why), and I'm looking to try something else. Thanks!

Yes, I found a different/better infusion set that doesn't leak. I now use the Accuchek Ultraflex--they're compatible with all pumps except Medtronic since all other pumps use the same standard luer lock connection. They're truly a breeze to insert manually and go in at a 90 degree angle. Best part is that I haven't had any leaks or lumps/bumps from them--yay! If you don't want to insert them manually, these same infusion sets have an option auto-inserter, but I'm happy doing it manually. Good luck--the leaks were so damn frustrating to me!

Thanks so much for your reply! I will be contacting Accuchek/Roche today!

Jenn, I didn't have to contact Roche at all. All I had to do was call my medical supply company (who also sends me all of my pump supplies) and tell them that I needed to change the infusion sets. They will then need to know what length tubing (I always use the 23" or 24" tubing, and what length cannula 6mm, 8mm, or 10mm (I had them send a box of 8mm and a box of 10mm and either seems to work just fine. Good luck, let me know how it goes!

Denise, glad you like them! I'm curious who you order them from. I use Sterling Medical supply, and they don't carry all the cannula/tubing length combinations. lucky for me the 8mm works, but I'd like to have some 6mm for certain areas where I'm not so "fluffy".

My medical supply place is called CCS Medical. 1-800-726-9811