Infusion Site

Does anybody have problems with their infusion site getting wet and sticking? What kind of things do you recommend that I can do to keep it attached in the shower? Any dressing suggestions? I don’t want to go 3 days before I take a shower. :slight_smile: I woud appreciate any advice I can get. Thanks ahead of time.

I use Mastisol which is a surgical strength skin adhesive. I put it on my skin, let it dry for 5 min then put an infusion set in and then cover it with IV3000. I live in the South where the humidity in the summer will cause a set to come off in a day. This works well for me.

I use nothing. I have found that the adhesive on the infusion sets is enough for me. I just disconnect the pump when I shower and try not to get too much soap where the infusion set it. The infusion sets dry out well for me. If it started to peel off some, then I use medical tape to keep it down, but that is pretty rare. What you will find is that we all have different experiences. So you will have to test it out. But you definitely don’t have to go 3 days without a shower :slight_smile:

I live in the Dallas, TX area and work outside. In the summer I was having problems with the infusion site lifting off from sweat. I now use Mastisol b/4 I insert my site and that has taken care of that problem. I have also found the the IV3000 also lifts off from the same problem. If you are using a MiniMed pump call them and ask them to send you a adhesive sample pack and they will send you samples of all there adhesives to try. Good luck.

here is a link to a discussion we had some time ago called "sticking advice"
I hope it helps!