Infusion sites?

I’m 34 weeks pregnant and scheduled for c-section the day after Thanksgiving and I’m trying to find a site that works for keeping my pump on during the surgery. Has anyone had luck using the ping on their arm? Any other suggestions, I need to keep it out of the surgical area.

I unplugged and let the nurses keep track of my insulin and glucose because I was attempting to give birth naturally. I ended up having a C-section though. I kept the same infusion sight on the back I my hip. I plugged back in a day or so after the surgery.
I found that the last month or so I couldn’t use my belly for infusion sights because I was not able to absorb the insulin. When I switched to my upper butt/lower hip area I actually had to reduce the amount of insulin I was tanking. So, it worked out in the end.
Good luck!!

I started using the comfort-detach sets in order to give my ab area a break. I like them cuz I can put the "business" end in my butt, and the connection part, which is about 3 inches from the actual infusion part, can reach the side of my hip (so I don't have to be a contortionist to connect. Your idea of your arm is a good one too. I haven't done the labor thing myself - my "kids" all have four legs, so maybe some experienced moms will have ideas for temp basal settings during labor. Congrats on the baby, and best wishes.

Yogila, you should ask the doctor who will be performing the surgery if it would be okay to have your set placed in the upper outer quadrant of your rear. It should not effect the incision and the tubing can be run up your back in order to stay out of the field. The site and tubing can also be covered with a sterile dressing during the surgery. The problem with the arm is attachment and detachment as well as a different absorption than you are used to. Whatever you plan, just run it by the doctor, so there will be no surprises when the big moment arrives. And CONGRATULATIONS!!! Motherhood is the best thing ever!

Thanks ladies! This is my 3rd child/c-section, only my first with the pump. I’ve got an appt on Tuesday with the Dr who’ll do my surgerybso I’ll add that to my questions for him. I also switched my site to my arm today so I can see how it works. Next appt with endo on Thursday.

Please let me know how the arm works out. Wow three! What an absolute blessing.

I also just remembered that I have worn my pump and CGM during surgeries. I also meet with thee anesthesiologist and explain that I have a pump, that my pump was on 50% of basal rate, I also showed him my CGM and how it alarms. He hadn't seen a CGM before and thought it was cool.

I kept mine on when I gave birth. I didn't have a c-section but there was a good chance I was going to have to. My Doctor agreed with me that is was best if I had it on because I was better controlled on my pump and the risks of your baby having blood sugar issues after birth is less if you have tight control. He also allowed me to decide what I wanted on hand iv wise as well as left the decision up to me on if and when I needed any of it. My blood sugar stayed in the 80's the entire time I was in labor. I also had a cgms at the time so he allowed me to monitor my own sugar.