Initial Days

I will not tell you what made me to go to the doctor for GTT. My first A1C was at 10.6. I was diagnosed as a TYPE II. Diabetes shock hit me like a Tsunami. Dint know what to do. I am working and my parents live in another city. How do I inform them? I thought this is the end and my life is screwed up. I am 28, unmarried, non-obese, non-overweight, non-Insulin resistant but insulin deficient. IT shud be mostly hereditary.

Today, after 8 months since I was diagnosed things are different. I am now back to normal ( close to normal). A1C is at 6.5. Thanks to 0.5 mg Amaryl and 14 units of Lantus. During these 8 months I did a lot of research on Diabetes, about complications, diet, exercise, Life expectancy etc. But, I made some mistakes, as I was on intensive therapy (Amaryl,Lantus,Exercise) I lost 10 kgs of weight, actually I was taking less calories and doing more workout. Its a lesson learnt not to be forgotten.

Now I added Apidra to my night meal only to increase my calorie intake. tmrw I will check my latest A1C, then I shall check it again after 3months, have to see how Apidra helps me. I am targeting 5.5.

Hope to write more on this blog. Thanks.

Yesterday I took the HBA1C test and to my expectation it came out 5.5. I can relax for some time now.

That’s a great result, Kriss. It has taken me almost 20 years to achieve anywhere close to a 5.5. Hope these next few months of transition and adjustment go smoother for you.