Insertion sites

Hi all,

I am inserting in my tommy all the time. I swithsh between one side to another. I insert the infusion once a month on my upper bottom, i dont like it there coz whenever i go to the bathroom i pull it out with my panty :frowning: Can you advice me where else can i insert.


I think of my navel as the center of a clock. Then I go around the clock adjusting nearer and further from my navel. I’ve been doing this since January and don’t feel like I’ve run out of new spots.

I have been inserting in my thighs. I switch legs each time that I change my site, and I find that I have over a dozen spots on each leg that I can switch. I occasionally try my stomach, but I find by the second day I get a pain in my gut - NOT a good feeling. I had been injecting with a syringe in my legs for 30 years and I do not feel that I will run out of different spots, so I just continued to insert the sites in my legs. Here is a link to some photos of sites on the Lantus site -
Good luck.

Hey Bebo! What a nice ■■■■■ cat (I’m a cat lover myself). Anyway, I’m a plush gal - so no probs with where I put my infusion set. I rotate from my tummy (avoiding that radius around the belly button like Gordon says). I go on the love handles on the sides - as well as my upper/lower back - with the help of my hubby (it took awhile for me to trust him - but now I do - still feel abit scared tho’ - that’s to be expected). Right now during the summer - I’m using my thighs, and just go 1 inch over from the last spot . I rotate alot as you can see - so gives alot of time inbetween for the areas to heal. I also change my infusion sites every 3 days - thanks to Dave telling me that’s the best way to stop tissue from scarring - and reducing the effects of our “legal drugs” aka insulin.

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There are actually 2 different bands , 1 arioound belly button height (minus about 2" around the button) and another 1 down lower. Basically look where the belly curves out a little more, that’s the fatty tissue you should be shooting into.

I was taking shots there for about 5 years and pump infusion sites for the last 15 years, still works fine. I just rotate counterclockwise (could be clockwise, if you wish) from Right of BB, Right Lower, Left Lower, Left of BB, then repeat. Having 4 distinct areas gives your skin a chance to heal reasonably. Of course there are also the “love handle” on either side or the upper butt, though that can get tricky if you wear belts.

For the first year that i was on pump i only used my stomach and rotated sites. But now i use the outside of my legs, its not that bad. You have to get used to it when you are taking your pants off so that the tubing doesnt get caught. but the legs our my second favourite spot, my stomach is # 1. I have tried my butt a few times but its hard to remember that it is there and ive actually torn it out.And when you do where it on your lower bottom, just make sure that the tubbing is underneath your elastic band on your underwear, that way it doesnt get caught.hope i helped and good luck to you.