Tubed Pumpers Come Here

Okay, I just change site and it really hurts at the beginning now am fine after 5 minutes. The reason was that I went little bit farther, usually I measure 5 fingers and then choose my site in that area, this time I measured 10 fingers and BAAM…!

Where is your favorite spot? Lets measure it from the bellybutton (if possible)? Or how do you measure it!?

my favorite spot is about 3 inches from my bellybutton on my right side:) I do everything right handed and it just feels better on that side. I never go closer than an inch of the bellybutton!

I always feel pain the 1st day i put my infusion set in. Doesnt matter where i put it, it always seems to hurt. But the sites always work so i just live with it. My favorite spot is on my sides and more towards my back. I am somewhat small so places to find are pretty hard to find because you have to be 2 inches away from you bellybutton and then 2 inches away from the last spot. I also dont measure it because i can always tell where my last couple of infusion sites have been.

I almost never use my abdomen… so if I measure from the belly button, then I like it FAR AWAY :slight_smile:

I use my upper thighs and love handles.

Measure? Measure? We dun need no stinkin’ Measure!!

I don’t have a favorite spot. I hate them all equally.

I rotate through four areas, using one box of sets in each area. I start in the middle with the first set, then work around it, about two inches away from the center and the last site, for the rest of the set.

If I feel pain with an insertion I deal with it unless it lasts longer than 30-60 minutes. Then i change sites. No need to suffer any more than necessary, IMHO.


Either I have a high pain threshold (they say that happens with long term diabetes) - or I just don’t find inserting the infusion sets painful. I use my stomach area - from just below the rib cage all the way down as far as I can go (I’ve got lots of acreage there). I also use my upper back, buttocks, thighs. I always try to move 1" over as well when I put in the next set. I am trying to be more “methodical” then I was with MDI (multiple doseage injections - where I was doing that 8X a day or more) - I used my stomach alot in those days. I want to not skip around too much to various spots - so I can let the infusion spot heal well enough to not cause any scarring - which results from what I’ve read by long time pumpers - problems with absorption of insulin.

One friend of mine has encouraged me to use my arms for my 90 degree automatic infusion sets - so will give that a try one day as I’m not too keen on hubby putting in the 45 for me. I’m not really keen on someone else doing it for me and I’m sure others feel the same way.

My favorite is right love handle about 10 fingers back from the belly button and more to the top of the handle. Second favorite is right side 45 degrees up from the belly button about 7-8 fingers. But this one can be a problem if working, carrying things, I have pulled them out before. I rarely have pain, once every 2-3 months. I guess you have to be fat enough the nerve endings are spread out; like me?

:oS maybe I’m odd, I don’t really get pain except just under my ribs, inparticular when I use an introducer, but my fave area is my proper belly ;o), either side of my belly button, probably cos there’s more padding i tend to work in stripes start on the left and down then back up to the top under my ribs and down etc til I get as far right as I can reach then start again.

I have some fat in that area as well, but I been doing some exercise and watching what am eating, lost some weight for sure…May be I need to move from 9mm to 6mm!! hmmm

You are not odd my lady, I rarely do get pain as well and I can sense it, if it was with the radius of a 5 fingers from the belly that wouldn’t have any pain for sure. But if I went farther and started fouling around, there it got painful for some time but it goes after awhile.

wow…you can put it anywhere:) what I call affectionately, my “upper belly” …that place north of the bellybutton up to the ribs…is way tender. If I put it there…I feel it ALL the time…like contacts in my eyes!

Thinking about it I probably am odd but not in this context ha ha ha but thanks x

I use my abs mostly, but I’m with Terry…they all suck!! But, I guess it’s better than shots!

I keep a separate log to keep track, since I have so much scar tissue from only using my abdomen for so many years. I use Emla cream, so I don’t feel anything when I insert. I use the 6mm on my thighs and the 9mm everywhere else. I’m with Terry - hate them all equally.

I use the 6mm it just works better for absorption on me. I didn’t have pain withthe 9mm either though. I could lose 35 pounds and then maybe I would start having issues. I am trying but not much luck. I am getting better BG control and gaining weight because of it. Didn’t need that side effect.

I like my thighs.

Interesting Dave, does it take 2 spots like in this picture on Minimed site?

My favorite spot is the upper thighs, but have also started to use the abdomen, on either side of the belly button. Sometimes, I also work around the side to the love handles and also down to the hips on the side. I would go more to the side if I could reach around, and I would do the abdomen more often, but I have a pretty fair amount of hair so the infusion set does not stick too well unless I shave before putting it on and, if it lasts, rips the hair out when I take the infusion set off. I guess that is kind of what waxing is like.