Inset 30 and mini med pump compatibility?

I am wondering if the Inset 30 can be used with the mini med pump and what special connectors I would need to make it work. I need my son to be able to change his own sites and he does not like the silhoutte’s insertion.I figure it is worth a try but really have no clue how to go about it. Thanks, Nancy

I found this video a while back. Not for sure if it helps you, but I thought I would post it.

thank you for your help - Nancy

I have another question similar to this: Using Minimed silouette tubing, can you use inset 30 sets? The Minimed sils and the Animas Comfort shorts are virtually the same set, made by Unomedical. You can switch seemlessly from Animas pump to Minimed pump without changing the sil set on her body. If the inset 30s use this same sil, just with an inserter device, then you can use the Minimed pump with Minimed Reservoir and MM silouette TUBING with the Inset 30s. Unfortunately, this means buying Inset 30 sils with inserter out of pocket since Minimed cleverly houses their reservoirs separately in one package and sil and tubing in the other. Do not want to use the thinset reservoirs because Minimed won’t warranty the pump if you use them but mainly I have no assurance that thin set reservoirs are safe. Thinset reservoirs prime by use of a priming “cap” and that seems like it may not be safe to me. It is very important to me that nothing goes wrong with the reservoir or the cap since manipulating the cap in any way could cause an overdose of insulin. So using thinset reservoirs are not a risk I am willing to take with a child. We have ordered some inset 30s which she can be trained in using, and she will then be able to change her site in an emergency. We will alternate with us inserting MM sils, using inset 30s only for when she herself changes her site. If it does not work, we will have to use her Animas pump again and we do not prefer Animas. I need to know if it is basically the same set as a comfort short or Minimed silouette with an inserter. I know the tubing and reservoir is different; I am only interested in the piece that is inserted in her body. Animas pump support does not seem to think so.