Are inset 30s the same sil as the comfort short, just with an inserter device?

Does anyone know if the insert 30 sils are the same as the comfort short sils, the only difference being the Inset 30s come with an inserter. Our DD can only change sites herself if using inset 30s. So far she flinches and pulls back when inserting sils manually (it seems to be an automatic reaction). Hence every sil insertion has kinked. We are using the Minimed pump currently, though Animas Ping is our back up pump. Animas Comfort short sils and Minimed sils are basically interchangeable. Meaning, if I change from Animas to Minimed Revel pump you do not have to change the set she is wearing on her body. The Minimed sil tubing fits perfectly into the Inset 30 sil. I am wondering if anyone uses the insert 30 sils occasionally with a Minimed pump. I do not want to use the thinset Reservoirs as I do not know if they are perfectly safe. Also Minimed will not warranty their pump if you use the thinset reservoirs. We get much better results using Minimed pump and do not want to switch back to Animas

Almost… the disconnect for the tubing is slightly different since the inset can be plugged in with the connector flipped either way. The comfort/silhouette tubing will fit the insets 30’s, but not the other way around.

Lots more directions with the Inset 30 and some people say they are hard to place correctly.
I pondered them, took one apart, read the instructions and decided to stick with doing it by hand the old fashioned way.

I know this is probably a really stupid question, but was is “sil”. It’s an abbreviation I haven’t seen before.

sil = silhouette It is a Medtronic infusion set.

Silhouette =Comfort Shorts or Comforts in Animas-land.
Angled sets, not 90 degree.
Better for those of us who cannot use the other sets because they hit muscle and go bad on us.

Thanks. I should probably learn to type better…was (what). Thanks for understanding anyway, lol

It is all clear now, lol Like I said, I’ve just never seen the abbreviation. Thanks for explaining.

Love the Comfort Shorts, hate the needle no matter which way you turn it!