Inset 30 problems

I just recently started using the Inset 30s, after years of MM Sofsets. I LOVE the way they insert compared to the thunk you get with the straight-in sets. But, I’m having issues with getting the angle right, I think. I get a sharp pinch when I bend over (I use my tummy). Anyone with advice? I really like the insertion process with these & would like to make them work.

I really liked those too but I had such a problem with consistency :frowning: I never really got it figured out enough to get any consistency from one site to another so I had to stop. I don’t use sofsets but I use com/sill’s and manual insertion for those has always given me and consistent absorption.

You can put the 30 in by hand just make sure the spring is not back. Maybe that will help.
Be well and be loved

I used to use those ones too.At first I was having alot of trouble with the degree of angle.Since I have been pumping a little longer I thought I would give them another try.I found that I was able to get the angle correct.What I do is I place the feet on my skin and look at the needle to see the angle.It helps if you practice the angle before actually insert it.

I just got trained on these, and the trainer said the key was to have both feet flat and even on my skin. They also have me standing for insertion. So far, so good.
I get the pinching pretty bad from the short insets, but so far I haven’t had the problem with the inset 30s.
Hope this helps