Inset 30 Opinions?

HI All: I’ve been using Comfort Shorts and formerly Silhouettes for nine years.
Never could use a 90 degree set, and always did everything free hand.
They put an inset 30 in my new ping package.
Wondering if I can get the courage to even try it?
Anyone have any suggestions, opinions whatever?
It would greatly help me to make a decision…
After all these years, I still think the needles are Huge!

I LOVE the inset 30. The needle is scary, but they work the best for me. Without the inserter, I couldn’t do it.
Here’s a couple of tricks

  1. when you pull back the cocking mechanism, and pull off the adhesive protector, tuck the very tip of the top of the sticky gauze under the plastic inserter. I hope this makes sense. Basically, it prevents the adhesive from sticking to the skin before the needle can get all the way in, which can ruin a set.
  2. Make sure the “feet” of the inserter are completely flat on your skin, so you don’t wind up with a shallow angle
    3 And finally, take a sharp lancet/needle and feel around the area you plan to use. Choose a place that isn’t as sensitive and has less nerves endings, because with the inserter, you can’t intuitively feel a good spot, and once it’s in, it’s in. I hate wasting a set on a sore spot.
    Good luck. They are my favorite set!

I have used Inset 30’s for 18 months with almost no problems. Sure there have been a few problems with site sites I selected, but that has been very few. When my CDE trained me she said the Inset 30 works better if you insert at 45 degree angle instead of using the 30 degree angle of the insertion device. So when using the inserting devive, lay it on skin as per the angled feet which will give you a 30 degree angle, thene befor eyou squeeze the device, raise the device such that the feet stay on the skin, but insertion is 45 degrees. As you prepare the device for use, you pull/peel a protector off a portion of the adhesive. Gently fold over the edge of the adhesive (away from the needle) such that it just barely touches the device. Doing this helps prevent the adhesive folding over on it self when actuating the device. Then after actuating and before pulling out the needle, gently press finger on the adhesive as you pull out the needle. This prevents pulling out the set while removing the needle. After needle is out remove the remaining paper on the adhesive and afix to skin and smooth out. Sorry if this is a bit hard to explain, but that was how I was trained, I have never used any other set. I have considered changing or trying other sets, but why change when this one works.

Thanks for the replies.
Well, maybe I am the brave one for doing this for all these years without any help, all freehand.
I hear ya about not getting the tape all messed up, you have to do that on a regular infusion set too.
I just wonder if having something where I dont have to think so hard, will make it any different?
My CDE taught me to picture the angle, and then just do it without thinking too hard.
But if you ever hit a spot that you know is going to be a bit sore, or one where it feels like the needle isnt going to go through your skin (and that has happened now and then), you get this feeling of hesitation sometimes and you dont quite know what to make of it.
Most of the time nothing goes wrong and you wonder why you ever worried, but once in awhile you hit a nerve or whatever and then…
Fortunately in all the years I have only had one real gusher too, and that was not fun!

Is there anyway you could video your self doing this and post that? it sounds intriguing but totally confusing.

It’s pretty easy really.
With the free hand Comfort/Silhouette sets, you just have to hold the adhesive little piece back with your hand, then insert the set, then stick it down on your skin.
You just dont want the piece of adhesive to adhere crookedly, or before you are done pulling out the needle.
I’m pretty sure this is what they mean with the Insets.
I guess I still am ahead of the game without even using those, so I still dont think I will even bother to change.
anyway, the tape deal isnt hard to understand once you have used the sets…

Great tips Mandy!!! I just love learning things that make sense and make my d life easier.

I use both Inset and Inset 30 (why couldn’t they make the names a little more different!!!). One reason I still use the Inset is because I can reach all areas of body to insert. Back of arms, hips, lower back. I just don’t think I can do that with the Inset 30 without help from another person.

How are you guys doing this? Also, I’ve never used Inset 30 on thighs because I’m never sure if canula should run vertical or horizontal.

Brenda - I’ve used the Inset 30 on my thighs - and have the canula going in vertical - e.g. strraight down (lifting up my shorts here to look at my sexy thigh ).

Does physical activity bother it much, like biking.

I’ve used the 30s since I started the ping last October–never had a problem! A few notes:
-I second the tip about tucking the tip of the gauze under the inserter for the adhesive doesn’t stick to the skin before the needle is in.
-About the angle, I also do more of a 45 degree insertion–with the feet flat on my skin for 30 degrees I find it sometimes goes in too shallowly.

Just got my new shipment of sites, AND THEY HAVE ALTERED THE ADHESIVE BACKING. I guess everyone complained about having to tuck the tape back, so they have added an extra piece of tape. My first time to use it resulted in a wasted set. When I pulled out the needle, the canula came out with it, because it’s hard to hold it down, now that it’s not stuck to your skin.
I guess I just got used to my quick fix.

I have just started pumping a few weeks ago so I don’t think I have experienced the old tape