Inset problems......Advice?

We have previously using Inset 30s on my son, we were only able to get about a day and a half out of them before we noticed redness, since pump start last Jan., he has had ketones nearly 30 times. Our nurse said we may want to try 90 degree inset, We got them yesterday, I am having problems with insertion, mostly removing the cannula. The profile seems so much higher then the 30 when it’s in, any tricks? How much pressure are you applying to get it to stick, it just keeps pulling up. Even when I snuck my finger under to hold adhesive prior to release it just didn’t seem to go right. What resulted was a 490 BS and a night of low BS’s . I’m really frustrated and wondering if we did not make a huge mistake…any advice would be welcome…thanks! CourtneyV …ps… I should mention I tryed one with IV prep, and another with transparent frame dressing

This may be a silly question, but are you removing the spiral paper strip that covers the adhesive before you insert?

I was having a ton of trouble with redness, irritation, and swelling at my sites… I was barely getting 36 hours out of each one… but I changed insulins rather than infusion sets, because I was really doubtful that it was the sets. It’s possible he’s become sensitive to something in whatever insulin you are using.

Since switching to Apidra I have had -no- irritation that I can attribute to the insulin… I am glad I switched.

I have had nothing but problems with this inset including excessive bleeding. I have called Animas many times and complained that these insets are cheap and defective. They send me replacements and have me mail the bad ones back to them. Yet I would say at least 3 to 5 out of each box I recieve do not work…either they do not open, attach to my site, bend or make me bleed. My blood sugars are in the 200 to 300 range daily so something is wrong.

I have been using the Insets since I began pumping three years ago. I have never had any problems with them. After inserting do you push down on the inserter for about ten seconds before removing the inserter? I use the IV Prep, wiping the area once, letting it dry and then I wipe it again and let it dry before inserting.

I have tried the Inset 30s and just cannot get them in the correct position so they will work good. Good luck

Hey Courtney - I tried the Inset 30 - but I had the same probs that you are having with your son. Alot of irritation around the infusion area, as well, stinging when insulin was being infused. What really got me is that because I’m abit anal about getting things to work, I did manage to have a few that didn’t give me problems, so I ordered up a WHOLE box. That is now sitting developing dust, couldn’t get my monies back (or maybe I was too reluctant to ask - can’t remember which). I have no problems with the regular manual Comfort sets, but now find I’m using the Inset (90 degree) - where I can make the site last for a full 3 days without any irritation like I do with the Comfort sets.

I never tried using the transparent dressing. I’m self taught on pumping (know it sounds bizarre, but I had to bribe my endo to allow me to go onto a pump), so it wasn’t something I knew about until joining up to Tudiabetes.

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Hi, have you tried switching to a different infusionj set? I didnt really like the inset. They had a 50/50 failure rate for me. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didnt. There are a few good posts about Insets on this site. So, I switched to the Quickset infusion set and it has been a world of difference. Ask your doctor for a couple trial Quick set’s and see how you they work. Good luck!

I have used the following sets…
Disetronic Rapid, Rapid D, and Ultraflex
MiniMed Sof-Set, Quick Set, Silhouette, Polyfin
Unomedical Inset
Cleo 90

Out of all of these sets I have 3 favorites!

Inset 90
Cleo 90

What you want to do is this…this may be lengthy so I do apologize.

  1. Make sure that the site you are using is at body temperature, too cold of skin may cause the adhesive to not adhere as well.
  2. Swab the area with 91% isopropyl alcohol instead of 70%, this will remove more of the oils on the skin allowing for better adherence.
  3. Prepare your pump and prime your set.
  4. Swab the area with a IV prep wipe. I put mine in my pocket for about ten minutes so it isn’t so cold upon reaching my skin.
  5. Prepare your inset for insertion.
  6. Press in the sides of your inset device to insert the set.
  7. The white thing-a-ma-jig that you just pulled up on to load the set into it’s “ready” position…apply a small amount of pressure to that to ensure that all sides of your inset adhesive pad is adhered to the skin.
  8. While holding the inset device Slowly pull up on the white thing in the center to “■■■■” the needle again…this should allow for needle removal NOT set removal!
  9. Another way is to slowly remove the device by pulling straight up.

Have you tried putting on a Tegaderm patch before putting down either site??

It helps create a barrier between the site and the skin - which a lot of people tend to have problems with, either the adhesive doesn’t stick well (which was my problem for awhile) or their skin is a bit allergic to it and gets red and irritated quickly.

I had it prescribed when I first started on the pump, and it was pretty cheap. Just a suggestion.

I personally LOVE the Inset 90 WAY more than the 30’s. I hate the 30’s. I can never get more then a couple days out of them where as with the 90’s I can get 4 and sometimes 5 days. I just always make sure to find an especially fleshy part, which is difficult as I am fairly thin. I usually go for my butt, it’s the fleshiest place on my body, heehee. :slight_smile:

Hi Courtney I use the Contact Detach set and it works wonderful…you put it straight in and their is no tubing it has a real needle and it does work for me you might want to check on those…I used to use the insets 30 I have little fat mass and the cannula was kinking causing me not to get the insulin that I needed…So I switched if you have any questions just shoot me a message…Have a wonderful day

Try it without using the IV Prep. Just use an alcohol pad. I had the same problems when I began pumping 5 years ago, and I’ve used the Inset only. Turns out I was allergic to the adhesive in the IV Prep.

Courtney - I am new to the pump system (a week) but have discovered so far that my use of insulin pens for years has made it much easier for me to use an infusion set that does not have the ‘loader’ - I am more certain inserting manually and it is, for me, much easier. There is a new infusion set out (aftermarket) called Orbit 90 (teflon cannula)and Orbit Micro (steel, like a pen syringe tip). We are just getting them across Canada now - way cheaper than the OEM sets as they are manual, but they have some cool features like a 360 degree rotation on a spindle (no snags or tugging for active people), blue tubing, and they are, in my opinion, completely sensation free on insertion and are working flawlessly with me. Go to for further information, or the Orbit 90 website in California - made by ICU Medical which is one of the larger infusion set makers for hospitals across North America…Rexall/PharmaSave will be carrying them

Courtney, sorry your son had to give up the pump. But it sounds like he is doing much better on MDI and that is all that counts! Maybe sometime in the future he will be able to try the pump again if he wishes to.

My son used the Inset 90’s and like them. I use a product called Skin tac wipes when I help him apply the infusion. It makes it extra sticky. I think the fact it goes straight in might help a bit. I release the spring load and press at the center of the infusion and apply some pressure for about 5 seconds and then life straight back.
Have not thought about the spiral paper but also the needle cover. That is easy to forget.

Yes there is a big difference in the two…And your welcome…Darlene

Hi Courtney what is the process to the IV Prep??..I’ve been reading about that quite a bit but don’t know how it is done…Thanks…Darlene

Well there is a difference in the set 30’s and the Contact Detach …

I started the pump about a month ago - 1st time ever having a pump… any ways I was super scared and upset when the first few sites with the inset 30s I did went really poorly. My trainer made the suggestion that I might try the 90s but I never ended up doing that. My last 3 went great and my most recent one seems decent although maybe a little too close to my belly button : ) The only change I made was that I stopped cleaning the area with an alcohol swab, instead I used anti-bacterial soap and water first I also give the entire inserting set a little more of a push in after it is “shot” and before I pull back on the needle but I dont think that would have anything to do with redness. Good luck - it is a learning process for sure!