Inset tubing Question

I got a couple of Inset samples from Animas. I really like that it is all in one package; however, I am really not liking the short tubing… I would like to be able to change colors so I could keep track of when I change my sets.

My entire time pumping, I have used the MM SoftSets. Frequently, I have been able to prime the tail part of the infusion set and go without having to prime the long part of tubing and change cartridge. Can you do that with the Inset?


I much prefer the 43 inch tubing, and it is sad that it only comes in gray because they assume only guys like the longer tubing! I would like colors, but not to help me keep track of when I change my sets, for that I either just remember or put it on my calendar. But basically I change when I am nearly out of insulin whether it is 2 days or 4. I wasted way too much insulin during my first couple months on the pump!

I have no clue what you mean by priming the tail so I’ll let someone else answer that. If I have a set problem when I still have plenty of insulin, I just use the filled cartridge (another way I was wasting before!).

I have a calendar board that I write the days and month in with a erasable marker.I write site on the day I change my set and cart,site when I do both.It is versatile for every month.

I know a lot of people like the longer tubing. I tried it once and almost hung myself with it. LOL - - I’m tall but I need to limit my tubing length to non lethal lengths. I’m with Zoe – I change when I need more insulin and not before. I too wasted a lot of insulin before I changed to that method. But I also have a really good idea how much insulin I need for 3 days so for the most part that’s when I change.

I use Animas insets and there is a trick to priming the tail part and that is the part that goes into the skin if I am understanding correctly. What I do, is figure out how much insulin it takes for the needle part and reduce it by one unit (usually on a set I have just removed when I first started pumping). I then insert a dry set, undo the dry part that attaches to the cartridge and the inset, then attach the set that is attached to the pump to the new site. I then bolus the amount - the one unit and fill the cannula with the 1 unit which gives you about 1/2 a unit subcutaneously. Then you just go on about your business just as if nothing was wrong. The only thing that you really waste is the tubing and I have only done this 15 or 16 times since I began pumping 16+ years ago.

Thanks! Need to order tomorrow… figured I could order a box of 23" tubing if I could figure out how to use the long tubing to connect in :slight_smile: