Cleo 90 vs Inset


Have any of you compared both of these? I was using Quicksets with my Minimed Paradigm, but now that I’m trying out a Cozmo I’ve been using Cleo 90’s. I prefer the Quickset method of insertion (spring-loaded surprise) rather than the push in and hold method of the Cleo’s. I also don’t like needing to use IV-Prep when I never have had to do that with Quicksets for 6 years now.

My CDE recommends I try Insets…have any of you compared these two?


I used (and loved) Quicksets for years and years on my Paradigm. I have been using Cleos since I got my Cozmo in July and I hate them, so I called Animas and they had an area rep bring me 3 Insets and 3 Inset 30s and I really loved the Insets. My next supply order, I’m getting all insets. I don’t know how to go about ordering them if I don’t have a pump with Animas, but I strongly suggest giving Insets a try if you don’t like the Cleos.

i would love to try those inset 30s but i dont know if animas would sell them to me since im using Minimed paradigm pump…

Thanks, Melissa.

I have heard nothing but great things about Insets.

Did you find the angled Insets (Inset 30’s) any better or worse to Insert than the 90 degree (original) Insets? The angled insert worried me because of the inconsistency of the angle as I insert. I got some angled Silhouettes from Minimed back when I used a Paradigm, but never used them once I saw the difference between the insertion of an angled set and a 90 degree set. Frankly, it scared me a bit. :slight_smile: But I’m open to trying the angled Inset 30 if people are having great experiences with them.

As far as ordering them, I talked with my insulin pump specialist at Edgepark Medical (her name’s Sarah…she a GREAT, very helpful specialist!) and she said they can order any Luer lock infusion set that I want, as long as they have a prescription for one kind on the books. So if I don’t like the Cleo’s, I can sub Insets next time, or vice versa.

Marvin, I believe that Paradigm’s only options are the Quickset and the Silhouettes. That may have changed since I last checked, but that used to be the case fairly recently. I’m guessing the angled Silhouettes are similar to the Inset 30’s because they are made by the same company (Unomedical).


it does changed. now paradigm pump users can now use luer lock infusion sets, fifty50 medical has this reservoir that is luer lock but can be use with the minimed…

I have tried using it with the cleo… it was nice… but i dont really have a good experience with cleo…


Well, in that case you should be able to order Insets from a diabetic supply company. If they are selling Quicksets, they will also sell Insets. I know Edgepark Medical does for sure.

My opinion of the inset 30s, which I had been told my two educators that I would love, was that I was just generally uncomfortable with angled insertion, personally.

There is a clear window in the Inset 30 where you can see the insertion point throughout its 3-day wear. What I saw through the window is that it caused a small red irritation and “pinch” at the insertion point. It wasn’t particularly uncomfortable, but it weirded me out to be able to see the cannula bending out of my skin like that. I felt awkward and felt like it might slip out (it didn’t).

If you are used to 90 degrees, go with the regular insets. I would call Animas and see if they could do for you what they did for me. They said they couldn’t send me any infusion sets because I don’t have a prescription for them, but they were able to put me in touch with a local rep who came and dropped off some samples at my apartment.

As far as ordering Insets and any other sets for that matter through Animas, you do have to go through a bit of rigamarole to get an account set up with them but reordering is a breeze once you’ve done it.


I got ahold of a few Insets through my CDE. I LOVE them. They are even better than the Quicksets were, although similar in some ways. I am glad to move on from the Cleo 90’s, and I have an order of them coming on Monday.

Thanks for the help!

Awesome. Good luck with them!

As an FYI, you can order insets and inset 30s from Animas! I have heard that other Cozmo pumpers have ordered them from Animas and they bill your insurance. As far as MM, the connections are different with the cartridge; therefore, you may not be able to connecct them without purchasing an adapter from another company.