Insulin Packs to keep insulin cool?

We are new to the pump. My daughter just turned six and we are wondering what “cool” things are out there for her to wear to hold her pump keeping it cool? Ideas? Thanks!

Confused–do you want something for her insulin, or her pump? Frio wallets are the best for keeping insulin for hours. No ice needed. They’re small & light & bright blue.

Frio also has a wallet that will hold her pump. It is rather bulky, though, doubt if she will want to wear Frio unless she must. I think it has a loop you could hook through a belt. If it is super-hot, you are out in the hot sun for some reason where you feel the insulin might spoil, I would put it in a double pump pack with a few tiny icepacks in the other pack.

go to . that is the site where they sell the frio wallets. I just ordered mine…with the Texas heat my insulin will be spoiling constantly…hope this helps you… I had the same problem with keeping insulin cool. and a very nice fellow diabetic on this site helped me with this info. I am so glad i found this site. It’s great how everyone comes to each others aid. And best of all , they know exactly what u are going thru because they suffer from the same disease…good luck God bless

Thanks! Yes, the wallet is exactly what we were looking for…with warm weather and a little girl who is quite active, we are finding the insulin in her pump is not lasting 48 hours. :slight_smile:

I have the Frio pump pack. It is very effective (I use the FRIO products a lot), but it is quite big.

When you get it, you will see that there is a beads/gel pack (which is the part that you need to soak in water) and an outer case. If you just use the gel pack and put it in another pump pack, that might be the most convenient. There is no reason that you need to use the outer case (which is what makes the pack so big, I think). The only important thing is that the FRIO wallets are activitated by contact with air-- so it shouldn’t be in an airtight sealed place.

Best wishes!