Yet another "My starter kit is on the way" thread ;)

I just thought I’d post here for…well…for no good reason really other than I’m excited. I faxed my paperwork to Insulet yesterday and got a call today saying my insurance company approved it and my starter kit and boxes of pods were being shipped to me today.

Hopefully I’ll get an appointment with my CDE late next week and be using it before week’s end. I can tell you the first thing I’m going to do once I have it - take a long walk with a reduced temp basal and NOT have a snack before I go. That’s something I haven’t been able to do…well, ever. I’ve been on 1 or more daily injections since I was diagnosed 38 years ago when I was 2.

Well, thanks for listening to my pointless babbling.

Seeing my CDE in twenty minutes. Gotta go

Way to go!. I have been type I for 18 years. Went on pump about three years ago and switched to the pod 2 months ago. I love it! Nothing like pumping.

So Robin, have you gotten back from the CDE yet? How’d it go? Any info worth sharing for someone who’s about to go through the same process?

Hey John,

I Know we finished this conversation in another thread but for the sake of others looking in…

Saw the CDE Friday and was re-educated on diabetic terminology. Hyper,hypo,DKA, basal, bolus… very much “diabetic primary school stuff”. We talked about carb counting and portion sizes… Then we went over the PDM and it’s initial settings. I talked him into starting me Friday with saline in one of the pods and he called a rep to get the OK. I think if Omnipod or any Pump manufacturer wanted to make sure the patient could be trusted to use a pump correctly, a saline trial might be advisable. But I tell yo this, If I ever switch to another brand of pump in the future, I’m starting before training.

Any info worth sharing??? I was a little anxious when it was time to press the button on the PDM to insert the cannula, but it was nothing. Checking my BG hurts much worse. I hope that it is always that easy, but I’m sure I’ll some that sting more. It’s Saturday now and still sticking on great and I have been fairly active today. I caught it a while ago on the arm of a chair when I bent over to get something and everything is still in place.

I think I have found a new best friend. My wife said she was going to use it as a handle to make me go wherever she steers me. I wonder what that meant.

I go back Wednesday to start on insulin. The CDE wants me to measure everything I eat and log everything. Even get up two or three times during the night to check BG’s. I shoould be a fine tuned machine when he get through with me.

Congrat’s! I have been using the POD since May and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Keep us posted and if you have more questions let us know.

My appointment with my CDE is scheduled for next Tuesday afternoon - WooHoo! I never thought I would be excited to actually be on a pump. :wink:

It’s very exciting! I went on the pod in July and have been loving every minute of it! It’s great =)

Yeah, I’m looking forward to life on the POD. I’m hoping I can get my HgA1Cs down into the 5s.

Well, in 25 1/2 hours I’ll be at my CDE’s office with OP in hand. I’m trying to not get too excited about it - I don’t want to be disappointed by expecting too much. Still, I’m definitely excited and looking forward to it.

I’m back from my CDE appointment and I’m pumping away. I’m sure I’m gonna have high BG for a while but my CDE wanted to start with conservative basal, insulin to carb, and correction factors. The good news is that she’s going to be calling me every day for the first 3 days to get my numbers and make adjustments from there. Hopefully by the time I have my next appointment things will be falling into place. Then we get to start the meal skipping portion of basal tuning.

I have to admit it’s exciting and a little weird to not have to worry about taking my insulin pens with me wherever I go (well, OK, I still have to take them as backup in case of emergency). I don’t have to beg out on going to dinner with friends when I left my insulin at home because I didn’t realize I’d be out this long, etc. And as a big bonus anytime I test I can deliver a little insulin to make up for my blood sugar creeping up.

Great for you John.
And you know what I find amazing - you can now take a little tiny bit if insulin. like .20 of a unit.
Much less that with needles - so if you just want a little tiny nibble you can cover it with insulin.
Take it from someone who’s “nibbles” added up to an A1C over 8.
This is Sooooo much better.
Just make sure to give it a chance. Not perfect immediately.

You’re right Susan, there are many good things about the OP. Right now I’m going through what I assume is a typical break-in period to get my settings right. They’re getting better but I still manage to wake up highish almost every day and spike before lunch. I have some ideas about what to change - we’ll see how much my CDE agrees with my on my upcoming visit Tuesday.

The other problem I’m having is pods coming off prematurely. Hopefully I’ve got that figured out but I’m going to go ahead and order something like Skin Prep to increase the adhesion. At least the Uni-solve I ordered makes taking the pod off a piece of cake.