Insulin pump infusion sets and Eliquis

I have been put on Eliquis and am currently off my pump, due to prior problems with insulin absorption at the infusion site(s). MDI’s have been working well during the past 3 months. I’d like to try pumping again, but am concerned about doing so now that I’m on a thinner. I was using Medtronic’s “Quick Set”. What has your experience been with this set after being put on a blood thinner?

Why do you think a thinner would make a difference ?

This is often related to over use of same site/body area.
Where did you put the quick-set and how long between changing?

Some people use the steel sets (sure-Ts) when they have issues with other sets.

I am on eliquis, it has no effect on my insets. I have a tandem and use tru steel or whatever it is called now, a ss needle etc.

Thanks… I was concerned because I’ve had some instances where the G6 sensor or the pump inset would result in a “gusher”. I’ve been on a pump for over 10 years, and am running out of places to put the infusion set, and seem to be having more problems with bleeding.

I’ve been on a pump of one sort or another for over 10 years, and my “real estate” is getting pretty sparse. There are very few locations that haven’t been used before, and I seem to find sites that are unusable because I end up hitting a vein, or running into problems with absorbtion in other areas. I suspect I’d bleed even more frequently since I’m now on a blood thinner.

I’ve always had to change my site every 2 days. The absorbtion gets really bad after the 2nd day. I’ve been on a pump for over 10 years, so there are not many “virgin” areas where I can put a infusion site or a sensor. I may have to look into the steel infusion sets.

I used MM Quick sets for most of my 35 years of pumping. But recently switched to Tandem, which does not have it.

If you are frequently getting blood, maybe try a shorter cannula length.

Here is some options available for cannula length and tubing. May be others. Call medronics, they may provide samples.

  • Box Contains 10 Sets

Paradigm™ Quick-Set Infusion - Box of 10
MMT-396 43" (110 cm) tubing with 9 mm cannula
MMT-397 23" (60 cm) tubing with 9 mm cannula
MMT-398 43" (110 cm) tubing with 6 mm cannula
MMT-399 23" (60 cm) tubing with 6 mm cannula