Insulin pump & salt river tubing

I have been nervous about doing a lot of fun things now for over a decade like salt water tubing or going to a water park. I plan to go salt water tubing in a couple of weeks. Do I just need the jogging bag to hold my pump? Do I seal it in a plastic zip lock bag? How do I manage to keep it on? Is it not possible? What do you do for this activity if you are a pumper?

When I do mud runs, I put my meter in a plastic bag (or two) then wrap it in saran wrap and put it in a small fanny pack. I will also include a few 4X4’s and alcohol to dry my fingers off with. I have not found anything that will keep an infusion set or cgm on in salt water. I hope someone will share what has worked! For any lengthy water activity, I disconnect everything. It’s a pain, but I’m afraid of a possible infection if it gets ripped out and it is easier to plan being disconnected than everything falling off and having to try to reconnect with sand everywhere!

I disconnect the pump. Keep it in a safe place, keep it cool, insulin inside.
Then go crazy.

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What pump are you using?

I use the Animus Ping which Johnson and Johnson stopped making recently. It has a CGM inside.

Thanks. Looks like I will need to try to figure out how to use insulin injections and not have a low sugar in order to do this which is kind of worrisome.

So the Animas has an IPX8 rating, which is great for your intended use. You can place it in your jogging bag and go have fun! You can also go down to 12 feet (3.6m).

Before you go, you should do a thorough check of the O-rings for the reservoir and the battery compartment. Make sure they are smooth and free from little dust/dirt particles.

Here is the biggest caveat: after you’re finished tubing in salt water, make sure you rinse with fresh water and then dry with a towel that hasn’t been exposed to salt water. (Don’t ask me how I know about this, oy!)

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