Insulin Pump Supplies

I have had a pump for about 10 years…They only way I could afford the pump and supplies plus senors was to have 2 health insurance plan…what one did not pay the other did. I even got my medicine, humalog & symlin for free. Well now I only have one insurance. I can manage my medicine co pays but cannot afford my pump supplies. The co pays are too high. My insurance consider them medical supplies and I have $600 deductable and the pay about 20% for a 3 months supply. I still have supplies left. I informed my Dr that I would have to go off the pump. He is not happy with that and does not want me off the pump, I am barley controled with the pump. I work full time and have insurance so I can not get any melp. Not even from Mini Med. That last time I was on Lantus I was on the highest amount a person can inject plus humalog. I was not controled at all. I am open to suggestions on what to do. I am a type 2 insulin dependant diabetic that fights hard to have any control. If my AIC is 10 I am throwing a party.