Insulin Sensitivity

When I first started on the pump I only used my stomach area.Recently I went below my waist.My question is:Is that area more sensitive to insulin?I had to reduce my basal rate rather than increase it like normal for the cooler weather.I have also started working since April but this problem just started.I was dropping from 8 to like 2.2 in like 2.5 hours and my carb ratio never changed.My numbers worked before.Help.

I have found that below the waist I am more sensitive to insulin. I think since most of the muscles on the buttocks and thighs are so heavily used for walking it changes how fast absorption is. I would go quite low with a significant rebound high. Using those sites I have to bolus right at the meal and turn down the basal a bit to get good results.

Although rates, ratios and sensitivities may be good for a while (my first set were good for 5 years) they DO change sometimes. In my case I can’t really explain the why but they have indeed changes. Can you use the abdomen again even just once to see if it maybe is an actual change?

I know it is a real pain but either way it looks as if you have some “testing” to do to figure out your new needs for insulin. Good Luck!

For sure we had this same problem with Sean wearing Cleos in the glut region. Insulin is aphidra for us and we have to dial his daytime @ school basal down by 20%

Sean wears steel sets in belly during school\ex etc

I changed my inset and put it back in the stomach area and I had the same outcome.When i work I fight to keep my blood sugars from dropping.I am always eating jelly beans while at work.While they are good for a quick fix I don’t think they last too long.What if I snacked on a granola bar while working? Any suggestions?

Have you tried a basal schedule for work hours /non work hours …my experience : the problem with having different basal settings …I forgot to change them …for me it works better , to have a temp basal setting for several hours , ie below 100 percent …did I answer your question ??
PS Dee…good to see you here :slight_smile: