Insulinx -- alternative backup meter

3 months ago, my diabetes bag was stolen with nearly $1000 of stuff in it, including PDM, spare pods, etc.

What turned out to be the most vexing loss was the backup Freestyle meter I received as part of my Omnipod starter kit.

Insulet was unable to replace it (at least, no one could grok what to do after half an hour with them on the phone, so I gave up).

I noticed this new meter from Abbot called the Insulinx:

So, this is a very, very cool meter. Touch screen, backlight, insulin dose tracking, BG statistics, and much more. This is the sort of meter we paid $$ for in the past.

You can get one for free here.

Now, the main reason for this posting: Even though Abbot has a new Insulinx test strip that you're suppose to use with the meter, I've been testing mine with the Freestyle strips that work in the PDM. Since I have coverage for those, wouldn't it be nice if they worked in the Insulinx meter too?

After dozens of side-by-side tests, my conclusion is the new strips are a scam, and are really just Freestyle strips with a different label on the box. The strips themselves are indistinguishable.

Code 16 strips (you don't code the Insulinx meter) were consistently within 5 mg/dl of my omnipod from BG's ranging 60-250. Very consistent.

I'm convinced I can use my Freestyle strips in the Insulinx meter, and not have to buy two kinds of strips.

If you want a really great backup meter for free, go join Abbot's Diabetes Care program, ignore the junkmail, and get a great free meter.

Have you tried any control solution. I would have more confidence if one used test solution and showed no significant difference (and with all test being within range).

I agree Dave, I used the freestyle insulinx before getting my PDM, I loved it except that it was hard to see at times but had been the best meter I had had. Although I use the meter in the PDM now I do still have this one as a back up when I go out of town but normally I use the PDM meter instead. The insulinx also works on a Mac. unfortunately the PDM does not, hopefully in the near near near future it will and my computer won't have to also have Windows. sigh.

This is a great offer, but please be aware that by signing up, you agree that Abbot can send your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address to selected "third party" companies who will send you all kinds of advertisements and "information" on diabetes care. If you don't mind that, go for it.

The only thing I would be cautious about is how I would input the insulin taken. The "demo" shows only whole units of insulin, and as you all know, we have the ability and the need, sometimes, to take as little as 0.05 units. I would want a meter that would allow me to show the exact amount of insulin taken. Can you show less than whole units of insulin taken as a part of this meter's programming?

I love the idea of being able to use my Mac for recording data. Currently, I use the app WaveSense on my I-phone. I hope to be able to download that data through an e-mail to myself and to my endo. After all, an I-Phone app should work with an Mac, right?

Just wanted to point out that we have the insulinx meter here in Canada and we do not have special insulinx strips here. The compatible strip according to the website is the freestyle lite strips.

The sign up is for the FreeStyle Promise Program. I have used that card to get a discount on my strip co-pay. This free card turned my copay of $60 into $15. Now it is $25. It has been wonderful!!!