Interesting Journey!

Well Iam on my 3rd day on the accu chek spirit pump and this is turning out to be quite the journey!!! My basal rate have been as low as 2.0 and is now sitting at a all time high as 4.0.Now itts 6.01 am and my blood sugar been reading hi for 3 hours even though I had to give a boulus of 50 twice within the past 5 hour and my dr is not on call and my diabetes educator is not up.Oh What to do…What to do…This is turning out to be quite a task.Thats why I started this blog to follow my progress on the pump.I had to change from Novolog to humulin R yesterday and have to change to the u500 strength today since iam insulin resistant.Oh well I ll write back when I hear something!

Well, I’m not an expert. But from what I’ve heard from others who DO have experience with using insulin. If being high while on a pump, it may work better to bring that high down through injecting insulin rather than take the correction through the pump. Other than that, frequent testing and running a higher basal is said to be good.

But again, I’m NO expert! I’m just a book nerd and possibly a pre-diabetic.

If you are sick, or taking any different medications (especially any kind of steroid) your blood sugar will climb. There could also be a pump malfunction.

If you notice some insulin leaking when you take those large doses, you may have some scar tissue in the area where you have the pump preventing absorption. You would need to change the site.

Hope you figure it out.

If your BG gets too high, call a nursing hotline or go to the ER.

thanx you guys they increased my basal to 5.0u/hr.and 6.0 overnight since my sugar levels climb overnight everynight.And its been more stable since 7.00.

@carblover…Iam not sick,they checked the pump and I did have a little leaking while doing large bouluses but shouldnt have anyscar tissue this is my 4th day on the pump.I was taking over 400 units with injections and now I take like 315 a day on the pump.

now my basal rate is raised 5.5 in daytime 6.0 from 10pm-12 and 6.5 from 12pm-8am with a total of 142