Hi everyone! I’ve been reding tudiabetes daily for a little over a year so I finally decided to join because everyone seemed so nice.
About me: Im in my second year of college and plan to go to medical school. I was Dx with Diabetes when I was 18 months old so I dont remember llife without it. After struggling with high blood sugars for years and going from a sliding scale to MDI, I finally got an Animas pump and loved it.
After five year with Animas and starting college, I decided that a CGM would help me a lot…so after months of insurance fights I got the Medtronic Paradigm and love it.
When not in school, I am a volunteer EMT. I love watching movies and new TV shows and Broadway(theatre) is my life!!!

It’s nice to meet everyone and I hope to get to know all of you. Thanks

Glad you joined in on the conversation. Tu Diabetes has a lot of helpful advise and support when you need it. Who else can laugh at the crazy things that only a diabetic would find funny!

Hi Britt! It’s nice to hear you are having success with the pump and CGM. I echo Amy, thanks for joining the conversation!