My father is sending me an iPad. I don’t know what I can do with it, I wish he had got me a new computer instead. This laptop I am using is showing signs of dying, occasional blue screens and freeze-ups.

I don’t think the iPad is really a computer but I will be able to use the internet with it. Is anyone using an iPad for diabetic applications? I don’t think it will do spread sheets.

I use my iPad all of the time with the Glucose Buddy app - it syncs to the web wirelessly, and then from the desktop I can export those files to my main database. My pump data I upload running boot camp on my Mac mini.

BUT you can run the iWork program Numbers on an iPad, which is a spreadsheet program - I take all of the pump data and the glucose buddy food/activity data, and export it all to the web for my CDE to see, for better or for worse…

I have some of the same misgivings about the ipad not being an actual laptop, but hey, it’s fun! Enjoy it!


Hmmm. I bought the iPad just because I could and had misgivings, too, about usefulness. I find I use my iPhone and laptop less since I have the iPad. It is a great size. Limitations are physical connectivity, but there are work arounds. I have the 3G/wifi… So it is a very friendly companion. Light and portable. I have to confess, although I wear pump and CGMS, I rarely graph things out anymore. Things are mostly predictable and/or boring, so while I have 4 diabetes related apps, I use none. The iPad has relatively few native apps, but some are very helpful. Typing ease is perhaps the biggest pleasant surprise. Have fun and let us know what you think. You have a nice dad.

The more I read about the iPad the more I think it is just a bigger iPod Touch or iPhone. I have an iPod touch, I’ve only used it to listen to music.

It will make your iPod touch feel very neglected…

My dad emailed me a fed-x tracking number for the iPad he bought me. It is being shipped directly from Shenzhen China to me. Is this a real Apple iPad or did he order a cheap Chinese knockoff? I thought Apple was a US company.

Apple products (like everything else in the world . . .) are manufactured in China. iPods, iPads, etc. are all shipped from there. Yes, Apple is a U.S. company, but manufacturing takes place abroad.

My old (1998) PowerBook G3 was actually manufactured in Ireland. In the days of the Celtic Tiger, I guess.

So it is a real Apple iPad even though it is made and shipped to me from China? No wonder so many people are out of work here.